Can someone summarize the Juju quest?

With Grandma Juju and whatnot - I never got to do the quest because I never found a Juju.

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  • Yes, in snapshots. Start here

    ETA: That link probably doesn't help as much as you probably think it would, but it's worth a try! 
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  • Nice snaps. Even after it's over, Glitch can still make me smile.

    Thanks for posting. I wondered what I'd missed, too. :D
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  • All I have to add is, the juju quest was a dream come true for me.  I actively obsessed over juju culture and what their lairs would look like.  I was hoping that their campfires would be made up of piles of stolen firefly jars, but maybe that is just what they use *inside* their teepees.
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