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The End of the Line

When we first announced Glitch's closure, we said that the website and forums would remain available for a while and that we'd notify everyone of the site's closure ahead of time. This, unfortunately, is that notification. We will be taking significant portions of the Glitch website offline on March 25th.

The silver lining of this particular cloud is that we will be able to keep far more of the Glitch website alive than we'd initially anticipated. Rather than going offline completely, we'll be switching the site into an archival mode — nearly all of its existing content will remain online. You will no longer be able to log in to comment, edit, or like things, but your profile and snaps will remain available for viewing.

The portions of the website that will remain online are:

  • The Encyclopedia, including all of the CC-licensed assets
  • Published snaps, including comments and likes
  • Profiles, including status updates and comments, avatar images, achievements, skills, friends lists, and player biographies.

The portions of the website that will go offline on March 25th are:

  • Logins
  • Forums
  • Mail
  • Groups and group discussions
  • API
  • Wardrobe and Vanity
  • Leaderboards

Thank you all for being part of Glitch. We had the best community a game could hope for and we can't imagine having an online archive of the game without all of you in it. If you don't want your profile or snaps to remain online, you may go to your account page to delete your account. If you're going to stick around for the long haul, be sure to put on some snazzy threads, pick your best nose, and update your bio while you still can! March 25th will be the last day to delete or change your profile.

On behalf of the crew at Tiny Speck, both past and present: we love you. Thanks :)

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  • Is it too late for me to get some kind of print or something of my glitch screenshots or character? UGhh I can't believe I left it so late. 

    Is there any way to download the soundtrack, too? I would pay.
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  • Sprite sheets:
    Glitch soundtrack blog:
    Snaps that must be in the Art of Glitch:

    Hope those help.
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  • I hate to see it go, but it's good that the site can stay running.
    Question (sorry, didn't know where else to ask this): do you have any intention of adding the recipes for crafted items to the encyclopedia? Just out of curiosity.
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  • I miss Ur so much.

    I've been playing in Transformice a bit, but it's just another online game/venue with cliques and trolls. In Glitch for every player who didn't get it there were dozens who did and it was so very easy to be nice, to co-operate, to trust, to give. I miss hanging round with you guys, and with meeting new people just as fun and friendly.

    It was a superior game. Smart and funny and varied. You could be sociable or a recluse,and sometimes both on the same game day. For the most part the people who played (and stayed) were like the game itself.

    I miss it. I miss you. But I'm glad I got the few months I spent in Ur with the Glitchen. For all the sorrow and heartache I wouldn;t have missed a second -- and if there's another reality where I never did get around to signing up and playing, I'm damned sre that me is the poorer, for not having done so, even if she doesn't know it.

    Thank you Tiny Speck and thank you the games makers -- the Giants be with you until we can share another dream.

    Jenny Wren (also Kat Allen and Hedgewise)
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  • Bro, do you even miss Glitch? Bro, I double miss Glitch. :(((
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  • Will the Downloads page be accessible?
    Posted 10 years ago by NightDraconis Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Yes, the downloads page will remain up.
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  • *phew* Great :D Thanks a lot LP!
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  • Thank you Tiny Speck as a whole, and all the individual Specks.

    Thank you fellow Glitchen, you made this place something special.

    Glitch was fantastic, and inspiring.
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  • I was going to just quietly be here, but I needed to say thank you one more time.

    I ain't got no words for the magnitude of the loss or the impact on me. It morphed into grieving a range of hurts spanning all the way back to childhood. Still shakily finding my way through it. It will take a long while.

    BUT. Out of that hurt came something wonderful: I picked up the violin again after 21 years of silence. His name is Uncle Friendly and he has a purple case. After years of fear and aversion to an instrument I had spent 10 years learning to play, I'm playing almost every day. And I'm still amazed and delighted to realise I *want* to.

    Thank you for bringing me back to the violin--MY violin.

    I will always remember. All of it. The joyous and the heartbreaking and the whimsy and the myriad intangibles. Thank you ever and always.
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  • Sneezelips, I love you.
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  • VS! Big hugs!
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  • Miss you all...glad I met you all I feel sure that I will meet you all again somewhere..
    When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be   destiny...Kismet 
    Take good care of yourself's my friends..Xxxxx  
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  • Good luck to all in our collective next chapters.  Wishes there were novels being written with back and future story on giants, rooks, etc...
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  • I come back everyday just hoping. I miss my morning coffee/Glitch times. With some time off coming up, I miss it even more!
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  •  Oh, Voluptua, you have such a sweet heart  :-)  Good luck going forward with Uncle Friendly...may it bring you many smiles  :-)
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  • I like the mental image of VS making Uncle Friendly sing. Leaviing on a good note, shall we say? ;)
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  • Thanks so much I love u guys and Glitch! I'll miss u all...
    Posted 10 years ago by Smoreso Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It was so much cool !
    Posted 10 years ago by keith loon Subscriber! | Permalink
  • So is the encyclopedia in its final form now? I only ask because it doesn't seem to have all the 'secrets' in it, such as the Stoot Shrine.
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  • waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves 
    waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves waves 
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  • Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!
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  • thank you to everyone I ever met in Glitch, and everyone I didn't.  and to all of you who have kept posting here till the very end.  you are the soul and spirit of glitch.  
    and to the devs who loved Ur as much as (more than?) we did, you are the heart, and what breathed life into our world.
    and Stoot. always Stoot.
    gotta stop now. no tears. 
    55555555555555555555555555555555...until the end
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  • Listening to Hank Tudor's radio show for the last time while Glitch is still here. Joe Cocker's "Unchain My Heart" just played and I thought how appropriate that is, because Glitch, you have chains wrapped around my heart that I just cannot seem to even WANT to break. Reading the rest of this thread since I last posted in it 23 days ago only reminds me how much I love this place and all of you guys - TS and Glitchen both. Voluptua, I am smiling thinking about you making Uncle Friendly sing... or singing with him, as I like to think of it. Many others of you are going on with life and finding things that bring you joy, and I am so happy to hear that. As for me, I feel rather like a ghost... going through the motions, just floating from one day to the next... a sorrow that no one understands but all of you. And soon you will be gone. I am sure I will be back to say a final goodbye, but for now, love to all of you and big emo bear hugs.
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  • glitch is gone. nothing can make it better, not even eddie vedder. singing to me. with his ukulele. strumming and singing. just me and eddie. nope, not even.
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  • Bye forums.  :(

    Glitch was a happy space. 

    Can't we get back in the game one day each ur or year?   Like a reunion?   Surely the former staff will volunteer for one little teeny tiny day each year???  Pleazs..

    Posted 10 years ago by Treesa Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you for the good memories Glitch. Hoping (with all my heart) to be able to see you again in the future.
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  • Some days I still miss Glitch so much I can't bear it.  My 8 year old boy used to love watching me play Glitch. He and his 12 year old sister talked so eagerly of when they would be old enough to play it.  He used to come up with the most wacky and wonderful ideas for game play, and tell me he was going to work for Tiny Speck when he grew up.

    I really thought he might get to do it, too...
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  • Thank you so much. For everything. I can't even come up with words. I miss Glitch so much, and I will miss this tiny thread that connected us to it, even gone.

    Thank you for making something I will never forget. 
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  • I'm so, so sorry to see the forum go away. Every time I came here, I felt I remained connected to the world of Glitch and to my fellow Glitchen, even while missing it all so much. But thank you caring TS folk for all that you have done to make this transition as gentle as possible and for giving us a place where we can still go with our memories. ("sniffle") xoxo
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  • Once again, never loved a game, a world, a soundtrack, a community this much. I want us all back in Ur. Together. Like before. Hugs! And a few tears.
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  • This game, this community, this company have been amazing. I cherish my time here and will miss it dearly. Thank you TS and all glitchen for making magic.
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  • Glitch will always be in my heart.
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  • As I sit here in the stillness wondering where the comfort has gone, I wanted to thank you TS.  I had lost laughter along the way.  You and some very special fellow Glitchen helped me find it again.  Oh, a question, do we get a Last Hangers On Badge?  Hehe!  
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  • Drat! 
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  • Thank you for everything.
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  • The loss of the forums is painful to think of. I wish there were a way to archive them, at least. I'll miss you all more than I can say. Words are inadequate. Bleh. 
    And Voluptua <3 That's amazing. Really. (Violin is a beautiful instrument, too!) *hugs*
    Everyone, thank you. Thank you. I miss home but I'm so glad we got to stay for a while.
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  • There was this game I played once, where we squeezed chickens! It was so fun! 

    Farewell Glitch staff. You were fabulous. Thank you for the time of my life.
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  • Thanks to everyone from Tiny Speck and all the Glitchen!
    Thanks for all the fun we had together in the amazing world of Ur.
    I don't even know enough words to explain how awesome it was.
    Good night.
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  • Thanks, Tiny Speck. All the best in the future. We love you, too. :)
    Posted 10 years ago by Hishalea Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I miss my easter eggs.
    Posted 10 years ago by Chinny the Unlikely Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Goodnight Groddle, Goodnight
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  • I shall miss you, little Glitch.
    Posted 10 years ago by Sosruko Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I haven't been around, basically been in mourning since I heard the game was closing and didn't even have the heart to play it again.  If I had known you were in such dire straights I would have done anything I could to help.  I can't help but feel there is something I could have done but at the same time I know basing the game on Flash meant the game was going to end sooner or later.

    It's been a great ride while it lasted and I hope Tiny Speck keeps us up to date with any new projects they have coming through the pipeline.  I know at the very least I'll be ready.

    Thanks for everything. <3
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  • I've come here so many times to say some profound thing and I always turn and flee. I guess it's down to the wire though, huh? I came back for one last look, to say good-bye ... and I can't bear it. I thought I was over this sad, lost, bewildered feeling!

    Anyhow, yeah. You were a whole ... a whole thing in my life, Glitch game, Glitch people. Thanks for ... ugh. Words are so small and stupid sometimes.

    *stomps off, smacking unhappily at platitudes*
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  • goodnight, glitchen!

    thanks for everything Tiny Speck. See you again soon

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  • The loss of Glitch is still unbelievably painful at times. I am really saddened that we've arrived at this point so quickly. I am grateful for the time I had here, and that so much of the resources will still be accessible, but I will forever mourn the inability to click an "Enter World" button. Thank you so much for this game TS, I feel honored to have been a part of it. 
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  • Forgive me if this has been answered, but all my F3ing couldn't find it earlier in the thread.

    What time will the site be closing tomorrow? 11:59pm PST? Or 12:01am (i.e., as soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight). 

    Trying to figure out how desperately I should be doing the things I want to do before I no longer have the chance.
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  • Goodnight Glitchen - but hopefully  au revoir to many of you. It has been a fabulous journey which has touched my soul, thank you all.
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