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The End of the Line

When we first announced Glitch's closure, we said that the website and forums would remain available for a while and that we'd notify everyone of the site's closure ahead of time. This, unfortunately, is that notification. We will be taking significant portions of the Glitch website offline on March 25th.

The silver lining of this particular cloud is that we will be able to keep far more of the Glitch website alive than we'd initially anticipated. Rather than going offline completely, we'll be switching the site into an archival mode nearly all of its existing content will remain online. You will no longer be able to log in to comment, edit, or like things, but your profile and snaps will remain available for viewing.

The portions of the website that will remain online are:

  • The Encyclopedia, including all of the CC-licensed assets
  • Published snaps, including comments and likes
  • Profiles, including status updates and comments, avatar images, achievements, skills, friends lists, and player biographies.

The portions of the website that will go offline on March 25th are:

  • Logins
  • Forums
  • Mail
  • Groups and group discussions
  • API
  • Wardrobe and Vanity
  • Leaderboards

Thank you all for being part of Glitch. We had the best community a game could hope for and we can't imagine having an online archive of the game without all of you in it. If you don't want your profile or snaps to remain online, you may go to your account page to delete your account. If you're going to stick around for the long haul, be sure to put on some snazzy threads, pick your best nose, and update your bio while you still can! March 25th will be the last day to delete or change your profile.

On behalf of the crew at Tiny Speck, both past and present: we love you. Thanks :)

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  • Goodnight lovely little glitchens! 
    Hope we meet somewhere soon again! In a place were the community was the star of the game and the dev's a very close 2nd but then again they were part of the community as well so ehm yeah. I hate goodbyes so we'll meet again in the distand future somewhere!
    Posted 7 years ago by Nutty Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Goodnight, my friends...I will miss the fun times we had...we will forever be Glitchen in our hearts...
    Posted 7 years ago by Chazerei Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Good night, Glitchen! It's been an honor being part of a community with you all. I look forward to (re)meeting you all in other places, in other groups.
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  • Well, I think I'm finally going to head off... dear, dear Glitchen, I lobe you all. The whole Tiny Speck crew? Awesomesauce straight from the Awesome Pot. Stoot, thank you for bringing Ur to life, if only for a painfully short time.

    Glitch came into my life at a time when my faith in humanity was at a remarkably low ebb. As I rebuilt my real life, it meant the world to me to share this preposterous game with this amazing community. And now that the game is over, I treasure the real life friendships that have survived Glitch. 

    I count my days in Ur as some of my happiest. I wish it could have lasted longer, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

    Stay in touch. Much love,

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  • Will the existing forum messages still be up, even though we can't use the forum anymore, or will the whole Forum button disappear completely?
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  • Goodnight, Glitchen (for so we shall always be)!

    I hope the forum is archived... there's so much information and links to click and and and!

    I'll miss you all.

    (I'm glad you got your violin back, VS.)
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  • I miss Glitch such a lot. Days when I just want to run away to Groddle Forest and curl up under a tree to eat sammiches. I am coming to terms with the loss. I know it's just a game, but it was more than that for so many of us.

    We can't go back, but we also can't completely lose Ur while we remember it and care about it. I'm going to try to keep singing the songs, both metaphorically and literally.

    I haven't put my direct contact info on my profile as I don't want it so closely linked to my real identity, but you can message me through various of the links I've included. Please keep in touch.

    Tiny Speck - thank you for everything. Special thanks for providing the inspiration and the platform for my preposterous music-career-in-miniature. I intend to keep working on my music, so if anyone out there wants to collaborate at all, do contact me. 

    Byebye everyone. Take care of your glitchy little selves. Be loving and ridiculous and cheerful. We'll always be Glitchen.
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  • Thanks everyone from Tiny Speck to the whole community - Glitch was such a great place and experience to have been a part of.
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  • well, it's bedtime.

    breakin' my heart, this is.

    i will miss you.
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  • Thanks for all the pocket salmen, TS!
    I am more grateful than I can ever say to have swum with the fishies, milked the butterflies, petted the spice trees, nibbled the piggies,and grown Purple under my firebog house.

    Everybody take care out there in real life
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you and good night     :}
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  • I wrote this in my status update feed and I hope you don't mind me repeating it here.

    Although our moments left in Ur are finite and few, I find that I'm less sad than I feared. I am mostly grateful for everything that it was and how it will remain in my memory.

    So, my thanks to all the Glitchen who shared the world together and made it such a unique and happy place.

    My thanks to all the trees: the profuse blossoms of the Fruit Tree and the beautiful deep red of the Spice Plant.

    My thanks to all the crops and herbs growing so abundantly in the sunshine. My thanks to all the animals: the dancing chickens who always made me smile; the piggies who I love with a deep and abiding love. Especially Ilmenskie Jones, the dreamiest piggy of them all.

    Mostly I thank all those at Tiny Speck, both past and present. Thank you for sharing this world with us. I hope you were surprised and gratified by the many things we created in it. Here is my promise to everyone: I will *never* ever forget this feeling of wonder.
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  • You know, I was having a really bad day today, and I thought to myself "I can't wait to go home and play Glitch". Then, I remembered. It was really painful to think that I don't have a place to escape my real life anymore. I know it's been a while since Glitch shut down, but I can never forget. Thank you for providing such an amazing space for all of us to share. I will always remember. May be one day we can all reunite again. Until then, goodnight Groddle.
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  • Thanks to Glitch we learned die-ing can be fun. That experience helped me winding off from the game. l think l went through the detox fase succesfully.

    For those still suffering, reading the article here might be of help.

    On to the next MMO.
    We will meet again :-)

    Love and greetings, Lucy
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  • Oh, Glitch.  I thought I was done with this back in December; I never did too much foruming, as I never saw as much point when the game was there calling me in!  Now, though, it is all we have left, and it's such a biting loss all anew.

    TS, Glitchen, all: please do remember the dream.  I hope for the dreams we can share in future rather than just mourning our loss.

    Alas!  The note I left in uutiif sums it up as well as any:

    Goodbye Ur. Thank you all, for the whimy, the inspiration, the beauty, and the love.
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  • I still miss Glitch. Goodbye, all. 
    Posted 7 years ago by Mysterious Hermit Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Goodbye to all, and I wish all the best for the future.
    This was, seriously, the best online game I have ever played, and I expect it might remain that way. It will be severely missed, and I hope Tiny Speck continues to bring good things to come.

    Goodnight, Groddle, goodnight Ur.
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  • Goodbye, Glitch. Never forget this feeling!
    Posted 7 years ago by Vilya Subscriber! | Permalink
  • One more good bye. Thanks for all good times and thanks for saving my notes somewhere. I'll always remember Glitch.
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  • I love you all!
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  • The purple gate is closing behind us. We can't go back; we are travellers now. We may have different forms, different names, but we'll all still be out there. So saith Apynja Nyseleppe (a Norwegian Sneezelips :)  ).

    Love you all.
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  • This will be my last post before the forums vanish, so once again thank you to everyone who has helped make this game a wonderful experience.

    I'll never forget this feeling of wonder.
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  • Farewell! This has been great fun. I hope to run into you guys IRL one day and we can reminisce.
    Posted 7 years ago by Kanamine Subscriber! | Permalink
  • The rest is silence.
    Posted 7 years ago by greyn Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Thank you everyone! I'll miss the great times we had. And thank you TS, you guys have gone above and beyond. Looking forward to ever greater things from you. Goodnight!
    Posted 7 years ago by DOOMy Nutpuncher Subscriber! | Permalink
  • C U !  a round of splanks and some no no to ease the pain . love what you gave me, it was beautiful empowering and life changing. i will remember...
    Posted 7 years ago by tiggy Subscriber! | Permalink
  • thank you, Glitch, TS, stoot, Glitchen...

    there was something about Glitch and its community that touched me so deeply, so far beyond a simple "video game".  i guess i'm still puzzling what it was that was so amazing and important. and that's kind of like trying to puzzle why any moment is special ~ a sunset, a moonrise, laughing with friends ~ they just are, and Glitch just was.  i will carry Glitch, and everyone who was a part of it, in a special place in my heart always.  i hope our paths cross again. love to you all.  <3
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  • Thank you guys for everything. There really was something lovely and hilarious about Glitch. I frequently have dreams in which I find a way to play the game again and wake up devastated. Jumping around a new world was glorious, which had such amazing community spirit. I'm still in mourning. I hope we get to visit Ur again in some way. 

    I really hope the Cubimal batlle game happens, as well. Jump on that, TS!

    Thank you TS for the wonder of the world, and thank you to all of you, the community, who gave me something to believe in. Stay on Facebook yeah?

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Emily xx
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  • All your thank you notes are inspiring and wonderful. So thank you stoot and TS, but thank all of you as well. I hope we meet again.
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  • Thanks for the great game.
    it was good while it lasted.  The day my friend sent me the link, I fell in love it it.  It was an amazing world, quite strange many would add, but it was beautiful.  It breaks my heart to see this community die.  For you that are reading this, we made it.  Beyond the end of the world, but all good thing must come to an end.  I will miss this place, the beautiful art, and spectacular music, and the amazing friends i made here.  
    Im crying now.  goodbye glitch
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  • *random kindness*
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  • Goodnight, Groddle. Goodbye, Glitchen. <3
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  • Thanks for all the delightful memories, my friends! I hope to see you all again, someday.
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  • Goodnight Groddle.
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  • I came back for a last look after reading a post from a continuing Glitch group. I am so happy to have been a part of Glich. It was an amazing, artful game with a sophisticated whimsy that is unique in the game world. I hope if you decide to try creating another game in the future that you will contact all of us with invites to be testers. The community you gave birth to is fabulous because of the way you interacted with us all. The entire experience is one I look back on with fondness. Thanks again for everything! I'm a fan.
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  • When does this close.
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  • Be well, love you all.
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  • One last time -- thanks for everything, Speckers. Glitchen, thanks for being Glitchen. I'm so happy to have been here.
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  • Goodbye all. Thank you TS - Glitch was wonderful.
    Posted 7 years ago by Katchen Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Well, that was fun.
    Never forget that feeling....
    Thank you for everything.
    Posted 7 years ago by Galnoir Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'm also curious as to what time the site will close. I'd like to save a few more avatar variations, but don't want to end up as a bald party-hat-wearing freak for eternity. (Note to self: Consider "Bald Party-Hat-Wearing Freaks" as potential band name.)

    Thanks again for everything!
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  • sob...:(
    Posted 7 years ago by Ottavia Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Good night Groddle, good night.
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  • Goodnight, Glitchen. I still miss you so much :(
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  • So what time does it end?
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  • ? ? ?
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  • Good night, Groddle. Goodbye fellow Glitchens! I love you all and will miss you.
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  • Goodbye Glitch and all the wonderful Glitchens.
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  • Love you all, Farewell Glitch.
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  • It has been a real great joy to share all this with all of you. 
    I really miss Glitch, every part of it.
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  • Thank you for all you did, for the people I met, and the way this game changed my outlook on how games should be played. I will miss it, for a very long time.

    I love all of you, even if we'd never met. Thank you for being you, and keep on doing that. ^^
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