Street Spirits

Many of the in game characters have been nicely captured and presented elsewhere but the problem with the Street Spirits, particularly the Groddle and surrounding areas ones is that they didn't have fixed forms, I suppose due their greater age and genetic diversity. If you look, and I tried to capture as many images as possible, the upper and lower bodies have three or so lengths as well as variant eyes and top and bottom ornamentation. It's a bit like Mr Potato head or the criminal identification 'Identikit' product in that a moderate range of choices can result in a considerable span of diverse characters. What would be nice (if possible) is if the kit of parts could be made available (eyes, bodies, topknots, tails and other ornamentation) I think of the sixty or so I captured I got most of the options but the character image components, if possible, would help. Not the animations as that might be asking too much but the floating left or right view as most commonly encountered would be entirely good enough, for me anyway as I wasn't thinking of making models or anything (that's a lie).

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  • I'd like a kit for the firebog spirits, but I'm guessing they feel like jelly fish, so that might be a no-go.  teasing, sorry!  you do have a good idea though!!  second to the meal vendor, the firebog spirits were my favourite.
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  • If you haven't checked it out already, the street spirits are slightly more detailed in the zip package than in the encyclopedia
    (but yeah just one type of groddle spirit there too)
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  • But they were so diverse, hair, crowns, roots, collars,  eyes, smiles little ornamental necklaces that fluttered as they turned. I don't think I captured it all or even enough and now it may be lost.
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