Unexpected Glitchy reminders in real life

So the other day I went to an arts festival here in Mesa, AZ. Since it was right in the area, I stopped in at the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, and there I found this:

A chair that looks like it could have come directly out of Shimla Mirch.

It made me smile to see it. I sincerely doubt that the artist even knows about Glitch, but the aesthetic was so similar it made me feel a tiny bit better about the loss of Ur.

Have you seen anything in real life that reminds you of Glitch, whether or not it's related at all?

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  • There were a bunch of threads concerning this. Just search "in real life" in locked topics.
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  • Lullabyes. Damn it Lullabyes. I can't listen to those quiet songs without being reminded of Wintry place, and the closing music; Goodnight Groddle.
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  • I was making a test for my efl students, and I needed a question with 'squeeze'. I made it into a multiple choice question: 
    Which of these things can you squeeze?  chickens - coffee - oranges (etc.)

    They chose oranges, but I would have accepted chickens.
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  • If someone had chosen chickens, would you have gone over to him or her and asked if they played Glitch? XD
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  • I'm a student at UC Santa Cruz, and walking through class takes me through parts of redwood forest. It's so very reminiscent of the landscapes of Bortola and the like; I feel like triple jumping all the time!
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