Wreck-It Ralph, Glitch cameo

 I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph movie.  Turns out a Glitchen appears in the movie! Could it be that some of the developers of Glitch were also animators for the movie?  
So here is the easter egg:  when the group is in the plaza, I can't remember which time, you see a Glitch character walk by carrying something.
Is there a hidden message here?  Or was it just an inside joke to the Glitchens in the know?  After all, "glitch" plays a large part in witihin the plot of the movie.

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  • I can't find the glitch.
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  • Screen capture?
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  • I doubt it. That would be the most obscure game camo ever.
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  • Pics or it didn't happen.
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  • Sounds unlikely... I guess the film is about games, so It could be featured. Could someone get a screenshot?
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  • Well, one of the characters was described as a "glitch"...which made my heart hurt a lot.
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  • I had to re-watch the movie today for child minding reasons, and just to confirm there is defo no Glitch character in any of the plaza scenes or in the film as a whole. The closest is Frogger - it is the late 90s version which looks a lot like the yoga postal delivery frog. It would have been a nice surprise tho and so we should pretend it is the yoga frog. One thing I did notice was how many obscure video game references there are in the background shots.

    I was lucky enough to see the movie in a preview before it first came out in the cinemas in Aus last year and I so was aware of the glitch character a while ago while the game was still open and remember a few of us discussing it in Global when it was released.

    A few of us had seen a variety of making of docos and talked about the indications by the director/Sara Silverman that the glitch name was merely to indicate how the character was a mistake brought into this world/an outcast, thus her alignment with another outcast, Ralph.

    Defo worth checking out if you are a video game fan, (along with the fantastic fictional youtube web series about online gamers/gaming The Guild:
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  • The glitch is from Sugar Rush, according to ther Wreck-it Ralph Wiki - her code has been fiddled with, so that she teleports short distances unexpectedly - a 'position glitch'.

    URL is

    I was painting my Glitch figure on Tuesday at pottery class (pale blue skin, blue hair, coral dress) and explaining that she was from a game called Glitch when someone mentioned this film.
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