In my dreams we save Glitch...

Lately Glitch has been featured in quite a few of my dreams and in them it's saved. From the community rising up and saving it (and there by resolving an ongoing civil war on mars) to a mysterious multi-billionaire (named Stan Stannerton who apparently likes to go by Dr Stan despite not being a doctor of any kind who may also be the King of the Woodland Creatures) creating a trust fund for Glitch to it being a huge political issue in Canada during the next federal election to the point where politicians make it a human right. Not to mention quite a few more bizarre scenarios, all of which are absolutely preposterous.
Anyone else being haunted by Glitch? Not to say it's a bad thing, I kind of like it.

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  • If our favorite dreams stay with us after we leave this life we know, My after life will shine on through. Glitch is my favorite dream.
    Posted 6 years ago by Gassy Jack Subscriber! | Permalink
  •  yes it haunts me as well and might i add, may all your dreams come true, and i mean tht sincerely , i have a vested interest in at least one of them :)
    Posted 6 years ago by tiggy Subscriber! | Permalink