i have nothing really to say here i was just debating whether or not to make a post
but then there were only 4 minutes left so then i did.

i miss glitch... a week ago i realized that it had been down for just as long as i got to play
i wish i could have heard of it earlier!!
i found glitch through a tumblr post that someone made of butterflies with cute names...
it was fun for as long as i got to play
maybe in another timeline, i got to explore more uwu

goodbye glitch, the very final goodbye unu

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  • Goodbye everyone!
    Posted 6 years ago by Cleops Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I hate goodbyes.  I usually try to avoid them.  :(  
    But this time I'll stay, and say,  Goodbye Glitch!
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  • Goodbye! 
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  • Bye Bye all  carry forth your Glitchen acts of kindness to the new lands and roads you travel, and if we pass on the road we will hug and high five and splank.. till then, be well<3
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