I wrote a story...

Last December, as part of the Yuletide fanfic exchange: The Rube Suit.
Without a doubt, the single greatest invention of the Twelfth Age was the Rube Suit. It allowed the lost ghost-glitches to interact with the living world of Ur, if only for a few moments, and they rejoiced.

I was nervous about posting this (because I have no idea if people are interested in my fic), but I figured I should give my fellow glitchen a chance to look at it if they'd like.

And Cephalopod wrote a story: Imagine a World With No Pants.
Friendly discovers that pants have come to Ur. He's got mixed feelings about it.

That one, I feel happy endorsing and suggesting all you lovely glitchen go read.

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  • I bookmarked both for when I have time. Thank you for sharing! :)
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