Game first impressions

I thought the game would be really light, I imagined it running in my cell phone and taking it everywhere... (Some players complained about game freeze (?) and Mawbli told me his box couldnt get the game to run :: issues that will be, where possible, solved along the alpha, I know :)

I tried it for one hour or two, and it felt a little clunky sometimes, but overall it played nicely and smooth.

I really loved the colorful graphics and the music, I know you're aiming for a unique style, and I think you got it.

The ingame characters are simply marvellous, I'm sure the player characters (avatar) will also be this good.

UI seems good, but I need more time using it (the quests should be accessible elsewhere? Adjust Map?)

The world, the quests, the objects, well, like in gne, are so nice to play with, just cant get enough of it.

The skills map is remarkable, really like the way things connect.

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