I'd love to learn more about the giants. My idea is this:
Temples placed around Ur. Maybe allow 4 per region, each representing a single giant. The temples would, in the style of the Rook Museum, tell the story of each giant and describe what they represent. Temples would have decorations that not only show what the giants look like, but describe their primary skill affiliations and have items represented that pertain to them. For Zille, as one example, have one example of each rock that could be mined in addition to museum cases displaying at least one of every item she is associated with (ore, gems, mining pick, etc); the items in cases would not be accessible to players. There could be multiple temples of the same giant in different regions.

Then, have only 1 in the entire world for each giant, cathedrals: These would be grander versions of the temples. In addition to what would be found in temples, the cathedrals would also describe and represent the secondary affiliations of the giants. So if Mab is a secondary giant for the Potionmaking skill, there would be a secondary affiliation wing with Potionmaking and other skills represented as well as museum cases for those items.

Trees and animals in the cathedrals and museums would be unkillable/unstealable, as they are sacred to those giants.

An "inner sanctum" to each cathedral could allow "direct communion" with the giant, giving some kind of reward or buff.  For example, "Humbaba's blessing" might last 5 minutes and give a bonus to harvesting from animals. This could be limited to one communion per game day, so people would have to choose carefully-or perhaps access would require a donation of a certain item or items.

Cathedrals would be located in regions that have stronger associations with the giant in question; for example, having Zille's cathedral located in Callopee, Pollokoo, or Ilmenskie Depths/Caverns.

There would be donation containers in each--donating in a temple would give you double rewards IF you donated items the giant has a primary association with. Donating in a cathedral would give triple on primary items, double on secondary ones.

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  • I like this idea.  What if the giant's buff were the result of a pilgrimage: start at a temple, and join a hajj, and walk (or maaaaybe take the subway) to the giant's cathedral, and you get the buff.  Or acheivement or something.

    Better still, there's some suggestion that a big release (soon?) will be the contruction of houses or group spaces.  What if we could dedicate spaces to a particular giant, and presto: a temple.  The grandest temple is the cathedral.

    And what about the stations of Ur pilgrimage, where you go from cathedral to cathedral?
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  • The idea could use a little more tweaking, but speaking for The Hendarchy we would love to have more information on the Giants if only to prove or disprove our current ideas.

     Mal'akhPrimate of LemPrimus Inter Pares of the Orthodox Church of the Giants of UrHubby of ArannaShriner of Mullangi Meda
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  • I'm in favour of this idea. Really, I am. Times a trillion because I think it's an amazingly awesome idea. I can only imagine what Grendaline's cathedral would look like. It would probably make H.P. Lovecraft weep.

    But here's the thing: We're still waiting for group halls. The housing upgrade is definitely a go, but it's going to be such a huge undertaking to implement that it pushed the whole game back to beta. Hell, we're still waiting for the Giants section of the Encyclopedia.

    God, I think this idea is just beautiful. I mean, when I think back to the first time I did the Rook quest, I was jarred and amazed and excited and -- I feel like that a lot, actually. I'm always uncovering weird little things here and there. Like, two days ago I found Gwendolyn, and I didn't even know about her. I was just in awe that it was even part of the game.

    And -- oh! -- what if there's catacombs underneath the cathedrals? And great saints of holy Glitchens?

    But, man, it would take so long to think up, design, create, and implement this stuff.
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  • I love this idea! I'm planning a group hall for the Church of Humbaba, but for now I run a temple of sorts out of my house. But it would be nice to have more official places of worship, and to know more about the giants.
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  • I for one would like the temples/catherdrals to *not* reveal any information about the giants - rather, let them gather the faithful of each giant and let them relay the Truth to one another.
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  • As an educator of the State University of Ur, I believe this would be a great place to have in the world of Ur to further educate Glitchen everywhere of the Giants and what they represent in our lives :D
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  • great idea. there could be pilgrimage quests where glitchen travel together to the respective shrines/cathedrals too.
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  • I really like the idea of public Temples, open to all Glitchen, not controlled by any group. Stations of Ur Pilgrimage.. Yes! I'd love to do that.
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  • I love this, too.  The quests in Jethimadh Tower are so awesome, and I'd love to see more content like that -- possibly to *unlock* each Cathedral in turn?
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  • I like the idea of unlocking sections of the temples/cathedrals. It would help add on more quests... there are never enough of those :-)
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  • Hmmm... Quests to unlock temples? Brilliant!
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  • I think that this is a wonderful idea and hope that it gets added to glitch.
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  • Ooooooh. I love this. More Jethimadh Tower type locations would be brilliant, especially if they offered up little tidbits about the Giants.
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  • As a Rookist I support this idea. More Glitch on their knees genuflecting before their absentee slave owners means fewer Glitch in Ur at large to counteract my and other Rookist efforts.

    (OOC: It is a good idea, it would flesh out the game lore more and give everyone more stuff to do.)
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  • Absolutely LOVE this idea.  Pilgrimages, yes please.  Temples, cathedrals, more about the Giants, more ways to donate and get blessings, yes, yes, yes!!
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  • Uh uh uh love this!
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  • I love this idea also. Even if there were only one Cathedral for each giant (without the minor Temples). Plus at least one quest to visit each Cathedral (and perhaps  They could teach like the Rook Museum does, and also act as group meeting places for loyal followers of each giant. Of course, each should have a specially designed (i.e. unique) shrine as well.

    As a side idea, a Cathedral for the Rook hidden away somewhere hard to find / get to. Just 'cause.
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