Glitch v. 2.0

SUGGESTION: Tiny Speck could develop a fully fledged installable game using Glitch graphics, dialogue, music, atmosphere, community, etc.

GOAL of this FORUM: to incentivize Tiny Speck to produce Glitch 2 by: 

1) Showing how many of us would purchase the game based on our fondness of and previous experience with Glitch (no trial period, no beta testing, just purchase the game from the store shelf). 

2) Give ideas how Glitch might become Glitch 2.exe (plot ideas, leveling up, quests, Giant defense, Rook attack, no New Day replenishments or what have you). 

So let's hear it, Glitchens: would you buy Glitch 2 and how would you make it more playable/payable?

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  • Since it's incredibly unlikely for Glitch to return to life as an MMO (though I firmly believe Tiny Speck will continue to utilize elements of the property, as seen with Glitchamaphone), it's worth discussing here what might be done to make the game more enjoyable in a theoretical universe where it returns more or less as is, but better.

    Stoot's said that the problem was getting new players to find their fun, so let's unpack that question. What could have been done better?

    (And let's stay away from questions of Flash or advertising or what-have-you. Nearly everyone will agree the use of Flash probably doomed the project, so that would be the FIRST thing Tiny Speck would change in the event of Bill Gates handing them $100 million and God ordering them to go back and do it right.)
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  • Please, please, please.
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  • I'd buy it.
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  • I'd buy.  I'd be in immediately.
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  • YES.
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  • I would love to have it but... a must... have... project streets in the game. :)
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  • I WILL SPEND ALL OF THE MONEY ON THIS.  A Steam game or a hard copy, MMO or single-player offline.  Not really sure which in-game details are the most important, but I am sure I'd buy it.
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  • Ok, so we'd buy it. (HELLS YES I WOULD) For how much? (A LOT BUT THAT'S JUST ME)

    Initial outlay plus scheduled updates? One-time game and sequels? Standalone or MMO-type, and in what fashion should that be obtained? 

    Basically, HOW DO WE DO THIS THING? Because I'm pretty sure TS has got some smartypants devs that, erm, couldn't. (Didn't. Had to weigh options. Whatever, I wish everyone the absolute best in their future endeavors, and I hope all y'all TS-ers will keep us updated as to what those might be! We're here and, as evidenced by the book and music projects, waiting to throw monies at your projects!)
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  • Do want. 
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  • If I had actual money, I would definitely buy a Glitch 2.
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  • +1
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  • Just want to add my support and say that I would buy it if it came to be.  Loved everything and everyone. Thank you for adding more beauty to the world.
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  • I'd buy it too
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  • I had a lovely dream that they sent an email out months down the road saying they were remaking the game to work across mobile platforms and were reopening it as a pay-to-play once a Kickstarter (only it wasn't Kickstarter in the dream it had some funny stupid name I can't remember, like dreams do) was funded. And it was just a dream, but, as I said, a lovely one.

    Also in the dream Gmail read your emails to you aloud in a deep, soothing voice. So. Also that.
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  • As I had mentioned other than the whole flash thing [which is one of the reasons for lag, flash is a resource hog if many people are trying to use it at the same time] lack of advertising. I think that if TS had made a deal with Steam, File Planet and other online game merchants with an intro package for $5US - 1 month of premium account, and a special in game tchatchke like a helikitty for your street and 1000 credits it would have drawn a lot of teens in [the game would have to be de-adultified and down to age 12 allowed] and about 10% or so would stick around as regular players. This happens to pretty much every MMORPG when teens are on vacation - they get bored and hit the game venders for something new and different to play [the waves of them in WoW were notorious, the Thanksgiving/Christmas ones, the Spring Break ones, the Summer ones] and play the hell out of the game until they get bored, the month ends or they get addicted and stick around.

    As to the whole fun aspect, an overarching story line would help. The whole Giants imagination is good, the Rook attacks are good, exploring and achievements are good. I definitely like the lack of killing aspect. That is why it woukld fly for parents for kids, I think making it an adult only game was one of the problems. Granted I signed up right at the end [mid October] so I had the advantage of many of the bugs being ironed out and more content being available. I think if we could come up with an actual story line other than keep the giants happy and defend against the Rooks without adding back the killing grind of other games. I know Travian has some sort of Wonder that players work together to build, and they have a periodic reset to the game, perhaps each giant could have players building a giant temple - the building site would have to be also defended against the Rooks, and donations to the shrines could go towards the building and furnishing of the temples, players would pick their Giant sort of like WoW originally had Horde and Alliance. Perhaps also Guild streets for player Guild associations, and a few streets that are gathering areas where the games like Game of Thrones and a small carnival of games of  chance of different types could be set up sort of like Everquest had the Auction House [just with games of chance instead of people standing there selling. I like the whole tower idea for player merchandising, unless they could build a small tower in the gathering areas.]

    I like the achievements, as I said previously - however I do remember players mentioning they would love to be able to track how they are going on getting the achievements done, sort of like how we can check to see which streets we are missing. Adding an X of Y under the achievement badges would help. I had no idea how close I was to the final jumping badge, it would have been nice to know if I had just jumped a few more times in the final hours....
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  • (I'm thinking of Katamari while I type this)...

    I know this kinda goes against what Stoot and others wanted from Glitch (community, randomness, evolving world), but I think Glitch could work extremely well as a single player (and possibly dual player) console or desktop title. I know I for one would throw money at it. And the game needn't change too much from its roots (curiosity, humor, absurdity) -- just no community. Instead you could have NPCs of other Glitches when necessary (kinda like cousins in Katamari), your home base is still your street (complete with talking pet rock and butler made from leftover imagination)... AND you still have worlds to explore. But the spine holding the whole thing together and driving the game is the story of the Giants and the Rook.

    BUT -- this is very important -- the rook (and possibly other enemies of imagination) must be a constant threat. (I reached level 18 in my time playing Glitch and even got the Wanderer badge, but the closest thing I saw to a rook attack was an educational film in a museum.)

    An aside -- remember in the long long ago, when computers came in the flavor of 8-bit, there was a game called Castlevania II? In it, there were towns you entered during the day and everyone was nice and friendly, but at night ghouls and zombies and such came out. But roaming around the world outside the towns there was always danger lurking around any corner.. Ok, ok, maybe a little too spooky for something like Glitch, but it would definitely add needed tension and keep players coming back, especially if there was always a chance a rook could come in and attack you and take something you worked hard for (and after you lick your wounds, you get right back on your horse, or piggy or heli-kitty, and you get that thing back! Or you launch an attack of your own on the rook's hideout)... LOL.. that sounds a little like Lord of the Rings and going into the heart of Mordor.

    Keep most of the quests, mini games, and all the wonderful charm and humor that is distinctly Glitch. Add in a regular narrative of where we are in the story (for example, similar to Katamari, the glorious opening music and animation of the back-story of the King of the Cosmos, and after regularly passing levels, you get another charming vignette of more story, maybe each one can be introducing each of the giants)...

    Have safe parts of the world, and darker, more mysterious parts of the world where threats exist. Have the easy quests (read: tutorials) take place in the safer parts, and then little by little, the quests get more difficult and make you travel farther from home into unknown territory.

    Have each street feel and unfold more like a level for a platformer game instead of just a very beautiful looking chat room.

    And of course, I know this is extremely obvious, but have a core mechanic that is very fun and addictive. Katamari has rolling up things to get bigger or faster, Mario has breaking blocks and jumping and stomping on Koopas, Castelvania has whipping and splashing holy water on undead things. Glitch has a wonderful antagonist: The Rook.. The Enemy of Imagination. (Jeezus, that sends chills down my spine!!).

    Use the antagonist that the Giants have given you.

    Have more unique aspects to the levels that relate to the story.. For example, in Guillermo Gamera Way in Ix, there is a giant, kooky looking telescope... that you *can't interact with*.. Every time I walked by it I wished that it did something. And I wondered if I were to look into it, what would I see? Maybe it would let me peer far away at the Rook's hideout, seeing if they are building up strength and growing in numbers.

    In short, keep all the wonderful whimsy and joy and fun and humor that is the soul of Glitch, add more solid, and time-tested game play mechanics, and reduce or eliminate the worst of the Skinner Box/slot machine aspects of the game (repetitive task/mouse clicking simulator).

    You have the art, you have the music, you have the writing, you have all of the assets.. Get a team of programmers and put it up on Kickstarter. What have you got to lose?
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  • Would definitely buy this, but I agree that it seems unlikely to happen :(
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  • I will buy it!
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  • I think probably what drove most people away is also ironically the reason why most of us stayed - there's no 'real' storyline. Most MMOs have some sort of goal driving them, and I think that if perhaps the Rook had been made into more of a villain, and that there was serious consequences of not defeating it within 10 or so minutes, like sections of UR lost to the Rook or something, then maybe it would have done better. I don't know.

    That being said, I'd love it if Glitch came back in some sort of console format, and I'd probably buy it for all my family/friends as well.
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  • I know some players here are sensitive to violence. I for one don't like modern "killing simulators" (space marines, WWII ad nauseum, etc.). But of course there is a spectrum of violence. There's comic violence, regular violence, and ultra-violence. I think that some place between comic violence and regular violence should be on the table. It's something that Looney Tunes and a classic hero's journey have in common -- it makes it compelling to humans.

    If the Rook were growing in numbers and they threatened the imagination of everyone in the world, then it would be irresponsible to do nothing against that threat. What if a core mechanic to the game was when you are out exploring the world, if you see a Rook's nest high above, you have a slingshot that you can use to shoot it down? That's a demanding skill (meaning you'd want to try to get better) and very satisfying action (one that makes you want to do it again, like jumping and breaking blocks in Mario or rolling up things in Katamari).. There could even have been Rook eggs in there. Whoops. Too bad.. They were only going to grow up and ***steal my imagination!!!***
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  • Interesting ideas here, I for one would be interested in Glitch in another form, and will wait to see what TS have planned for the future.  Hopefully, this one closure will not deter them from trying a game again.  We all loved what they produced and I'm sure will all be waiting with baited breath to see what comes next.
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  • +1 Would definitely buy... heck I've already thrown a ton of money at them in support of the projects on indiegogo. I definitely would've (and preferred to have) used that money instead on an actual install-able Glitch game. So sad and disappointed. But here's to hoping that Glitch 2.0 or another incarnation is in the pipeline (and that TS stay away from browsers/flash.)
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  • I would buy for sure, but I see Glitch doing well as a franchise, rather than a standalone game. It fits in with TS aiming for the mobile market, and will allow players to play whatever part of Glitch they like, be it Glitchamaphone (music), the Home Street app idea (gathering and looking after pets), Helikitty Tamagotchi App (looking after pet), or the Cubimal Battle game (collecting and leveling up) without the same level of commitment an MMO requires. I think Glitch just had too many, albeit amazing, features which in the end didn't really lead towards any sort of goal. Perhaps more NPCs with quests may have worked, more monsters to defeat, more people to aid, more villages, that sort of thing.

    Of course, advertisement and the game rarely being open for public registration was also a big issue. Hopefully if Glitchamaphone does well, and if any of the other App ideas actually come to light and become developed, who knows. I don't see Glitch going away in a hurry. We love it too much to let it go before it's time.
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  • Yes.
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  •  This a nice dream I really wish it would happen!
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