Glitch spinoff mobile app ideas

So, we know that Glitchamaphone will see the light of day.  And I've seen the mobile cubimal battle app thread (love it!) and the Helikitty for iOS app post (yes please!) - but what other mobile apps would you be interested to buy?

One idea that came up in the MetaFilter group is an app that would use the avatar API with the mechanics of the Thornfad Layers letters.  You know, spelling words! With your friends!  

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  • Glitch Snap. You know, a camera app with the filters we got to use in Glitch. The should also be a button saying "take picture with" an then the phone GPS would pull data to fill out the blank in "In Soviet ______, Picture Takes You!", and then you'd get to see a random picture from another Glitch Snap user. 
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  • Juju running, you know, you will have to pick up things from the traps and quoins, and jump over the jujus.
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  • I would LOVE Glitch Snap, that idea is awesome. Honestly I really just want to see animals and trees, especially animals. Really simple games like naming, petting, feeding, and nibbling (maybe with a few added things like brushing and washing) a pig(s) would be really great.

    My dream is a simple "home street" app, like a really simplified version of Glitch. You have to earn iMG by playing mini games (tickets and games) and by taking care of your animals and trees. You can expand your street, plant trees, raise animals, mine your rocks, etc. You have your butler and home (outside only would be fine I think) and no towers. All the customization options from the game (and more?) would be there. I'd pay up to $20 for an app like this.

    But honestly any Glitch-themed apps that get released, I'll buy. I already got permission to use my boyfriend's iPad and iPhone for any and all Glitch apps. :D
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  • Home street app sounds good!
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  • Yes that sounds so cool! A really minimal Glitch. We could have:
    Starting off with a Spice tree and Pig
    Seasoning Eggs for choosing which animals to put on your street (Helicats included! Maybe even Foxes?)
    Feeding Animals both beans and cherries
    Seasoning beans for different types of trees
    Items to purchase from the frog or a street spirit: Hoe, Watering Can, Shovel, Spice Grinder, Bean Seasoner, Egg Seasoner (or the seasoners can be a seperate screen to access rather than an item), Brush, General Feeder for all animals
    Achievements for various stuff
    House could be purely storage for cherries, beans, bubbles, spices, fiber, eggs, meat, milk, wheat and whatever the helicat can produce
    Produce can be sold to the street spirit for currants upgrade your house/buy already seasoned items from a market system
    Visit friends streets for more iMG to expand your garden/upgrade cards

    That sounds a bit much for a mobile game... I'ma stop. Though that would be super super cool. I miss my butler :c
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  • A Mobile Butler! You could customise it just like the Glitch butlers, and then it would function as a diary and notebook. When you went to see it it'd make comments like "Madamsir, did you know it is only five days to your dentist's appointment? I've never visited a dentist myself, as I have no teeth. It sounds so exciting!" or "Madamsir, I just noticed that it has been two months since you had a picnic. I would be delighted if we could go on one together today!". Maybe there could be some simple games to play with it, like Hunt The Arm or Giants Snap!

    I would actually buy a phone to play this game, not kidding.
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  • Mobile Butler sounds wonderful!!!! So much cuter than Siri :)
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  • +11 to all these ideas -- especially the "Mobile Butler"!!! I would love to have it remind me to call my mother, feed the cats, and water the plants!
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  • I'm also on-board for Mobile Butler, but with an important caveat- ANDROID SUPPORT. I don't have an Iphone, I don't plan to get an Iphone, and I'd really like to be able to use these things all the same.
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  • +11 to the Mobile Butler!
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  • Mobile Butler would be super cute, it'd be cool for it to keep track of Ur calender aswell and wish you a happy Ur birthday :) As well as to be like "Madamsir, you have a report due soon, do it so we can play"

    I love all the app ideas, can't choose one :c
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  • Glitch Tamagotchi

    You imagine a baby glitch and raise it to adulthood
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  • Would love to have my glitch on my phone so I love the Glitch Tamagotchi idea - raise it, feed it, love it etc.
    I also love the idea of a mini glitch even if it was really basic and just let me pet piggies, squeeze chickens, milk butterflies and harvest trees. Sounds complicated to make tho.
    Glitch card matching game, and any other aps - tbh any glitchy aps I could get I'd almost certainly buy if they'd work on my phone. I'm not an iphone fan so agree that something that would work on other phones would be good - and yes, I'd be putting a new phone on my to buy or birthday list if need be so I could keep at least an element of glitch this way. I'm missing it already :(
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  • Maybe a photo decorating app where you could put Glitchy stickers of things like piggies and helikitties and the Rook on your photos?
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  • I like the idea of the mobile butler too. That sounds useful and still reminiscent of Glitch
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  • A game where YOU are the giant!!!! Imagine all of the imagining :)
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  • Inspired by a comment in my update feed, I would like a virtual butler to come equipped with an emo bear buddy through which my friends could send hugs, kisses and moons.

    Oh also stoot? If you're watching? Seriously - Flowtending (from game neverending) would make a really good mobile app game! You know it's true!
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  • iOS & Mobile developer here. Would love to help with any of these as time allows :)
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  • I love all these ideas, but am pained by the knowledge that my phone probably won't get any of them for a long time if ever.  I switched recently from Android to a Windows phone and I love it very much but have to deal with a genuine dearth of awesome games!

    It would be very cool to Glitch notifications via a live tile though.  At least I can dream!
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  • I could actually see the Mobile Butler idea being fun and also viable, since it provides functionality beyond Glitch-nostalgia, and stands on its own as cute and funny without the need to have been a Glitch player to "get it".
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  • Agreed Zoethor2. As much as I am in love with the Homestreet and Cubimal ideas, the Butler is probably financially the best option. Especially with it's customisable.options (which I imagine would be implemented into the app - hey, it wouldn't be a Glitch Butler without it).
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  • A kisekae app using all the outfits in the wardrobe. I would totally pay for it! Please please please?
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  • A meditating app would be lovely. :) With a spinning focusing orb, the calming music, etc.
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  • I would like to float with Ball in Plexus! And am I remembering correctly that at some point there was some game planned for that or a similar space? Could that be a mobile appy kinda game maybe?
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  • The fact that the community's never going to reassemble exactly the way it was still hurts me the most. Yeah, a subset of PBMS has gathered on IRC, and that's where I'm hanging out now, but I want to be able to talk to the whole of PBMS and GoC again. Maybe some sort of Glitch Social/Chat app that enables group chats?

    And speaking of GoC, a Game of Crowns app (might possibly have to be a desktop app though... we've had this discussion in-group, and while none of Glitch would really be playable on a mobile device, GoC would definitely be the least playable aspect of the game in that form)! Still, GoC has been the most fun part of Glitch for me, and if it and group chats could make a return, that would greatly soften the blow that's been dealt to me, and most likely to others as well.
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  • Seriously though. Thornfad Layers! It was almost the gamiest part of the game in some ways. I think something with the avatar engine, butler, friends, and Thornfad Letters could really be something. Oh and Flowtending. Don't forget Flowtending. ;)
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  • I, too, would actually like some sort of GoC app. Maybe something like Glitchamaphone with just animals as the avatars.
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  • I never got to go to Thornfad Layers... :c
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  • I can be quite a nifty badger when it comes to writing code and doing arty stuff.
    If I can help out in any way to bring some of the ideas of Glitch back to life then feel free to buzz me C: 
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  • Please don't forget the android users.
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  • I'm going to (hopefully) port my game to iOS and Windows Phone.
    POSSIBLY Android, but I don't know.

    If not one, or any of them, it'll still be playable in all the popular browsers :D
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