Stripping Glitch: Must-have features for recreations?

There has been a few thoughts flung around about recreating Glitch on a smaller scale... what features would be must haves and what could afford to be left out?

Here be my ideas for a stripped down version of Glitch.

Regions: Could be dramatically stripped down to one street per region, offering all the delights of the original regions within single streets. Not including the Vortex of Random or the Party Regions which could be included within the map. Shrines could be multigiant: could be able to select which Giant to donate to. 
Homes: Butler but only space enough for two developments be it tree, plot, rock, temple, or smore seat. One room available within the home with "furniture" block which can be changed into different furniture forms. Tower could also be available.
Skills: There should be three tiers of each skill: Imagining, Cooking, Growing, Harvesting, Making.
Animals: Pigs, Butterflies, and Chickens. Pigs can produce Guano. Chicken can produce fibre. Butterflies can produce s'nails.
Vendors: An external vendor system, meaning one source for all products.
Tools: Cooking Device, Gardening Device, Harvesting Tool, Tinkertool++.
Achievements: Many less. 

Things to be left out: I love them all so much but... Cubimals (you all know how much I've been pushing the Cubimals), seasonal activities, and many many items that we know and love :c

Also avatars could be much more simplistic, again with less items.

Just some of my ideas.

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  • Anyone else got any opinions on features which should be keep in or abandoned if Glitch were made on a smaller scale?
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  • Game of Crowns | Keep
    Other tkt games | Abandon :/
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  • Having so few streets might not work, unless the rest of the regions on the map were added maybe. :/
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  • Yeah I agree about the games. Yeah I think with the rest of the Ur world being implemented with single streets. Won't be nearly as adventurous as the world we're used to, but it'd be somethin'.
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  • Nice idea... But it will never be as good as the original game ):
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  • Are you intending to re-create the game yourself?  Or are you hoping TS will?  Or perhaps just thinking?

    I'm curious.
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  • The scale all depends on server capacity, so once the base of the game is coded, it would be easy to expand (if you/we/whoever start right). Good idea!

    Personally, I'm hoping Tiny Speck will release the source code, or at least parts of it, so that a team of people specializing in a couple of key technologies from the old Glitch could work with whoever's coding the new Glitch, preferably using HTML5, Javascript, and stuff like node.js and WebSockets for the server side stuff. Actionscript, which is used to code in Flash, is pretty much a class-oriented Javascript, if I remember correctly (tell me if i'm wrong, though, haha, it's been a long time since I touched AS3). 
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  • I'm just thinking, hoping someone could recreate Glitch in which we can still explore the world in the same way we did in Glitch. I never got to walk around the full world. This way... it would be something to hold onto. And hopefully less demanding of server space due to the smaller regions.

    I never played any othet ticket games other than GoC, I would however say to not include it. That's my opinion though.

    And no, it won't be as good as Glitch, but it doesn't hurt to think about these.
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  • "Achievements: many less"

    I think this is a very bad idea :) Badges were one of my favorite parts of the game and I loved the satisfaction of finally earning a hard to get one. If anything, I think more badges should be added (gathering guano, extensions of tree harvesting badges, etc.) It was a key aspect of the game for many who played it :)
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  • i dont think that having just one vendor would work, because all the vendors buy for different prices
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  • When I started playing Glitch (after it returned to beta), I thought the game was wonderful! Then we got customization of houses and I thought that was awesome.. then we got towers.. amazing - then we got more and more areas to explore.. more animals to interact with, cards to be dealt, and more and more and more! I think you could cut way back on the customization of things and the number of items to interact with, and still have a charming game. Perhaps go back to the game as it was when it was released from beta, and get the player base established. Then survey players to see what else they would like to have in the game.  
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