Promoting Glitch? Glitch can gain more popularity!
This way, we can get glitch back! :)

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  • Totaly! I agree! :)
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  • I'd pledge to go to as many creative colleges, posting up small posters and flyers. Would it work? If all of us worked together targeting all our local art scenes. If the flyers urged for support and something like Artist supporting Artist... Perhaps, but... Like I've read in the forums... About player retention. It may all be for nothing... But maybe not... I'd like to believe there is a creative solution for everything. There's always going to be artist looking for work, and training. I think there are over a million people out there who would support a game like this. The question is, how to reach out to them... Thousands of dollars for ads... it was a risk... Faith in loyal supporters to promote the game, another risk. I may be rambling, and I'm sorry. I just don't see. Don't understand. And I know that. I'm just sad. And emotional. I care too much.
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  • @SmallChalet that would work! I totaly agree, people should start PROMOTING!
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  • We should make a blog to promote! And share it through Social Networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter! Make fan pages on Facebook! A LOT OF THINGS! 
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  • 2 late for that, for this site goes into archival mode tomarrow :( it was a great idea, maybe, just maybe, we can get this if we go SUPER FAST (like in 13 Hours)
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