Party Items

If any of you read this: you would know i am planning a giant party for TS.

but i need to get a few things. i am willing to pay!

any of the following will help:

For another Tower floor to party on:
1. Urth Blocks
2. Girders
3. wall segements

drinks and food:
any kind of food or drink will do.

party items:
1. rainbow potions
2. charades potions
3. essence of purple
4. GoC tickets
and anything else you think is fun.

thats all for now i guess. ( too much stuff? i am working on getting some of this stuff too, so i will edit the list once and a while. )

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  • Gia
    I have party packs I never used if you want to move it out of your tower. You are welcome to them. Mail me in game if you want them. I also have race tickets potions etc I can send you.
    I dropped off 2 bags of drinks to your butler.
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