Trading/selling Artifacts and Artifact Pieces!

I have Bead of Ouzian Necklace x3, Bead of Red Tiger Eye Necklace, Piece of Magical Pendant (1 and 3), Fake Nose Made of China, Piece of Wooden Apple (1), and Platinumium Spork.

I'm interested in currants somewhat, but mostly the credit upgraded furniture listed below. They're not in any sort of order, and just grouped by rooms for my convenience. I may be interested in other credit upgraded pieces as well!

Firebog Green Stool
Firebog Hanging Charms
Firebog Lizard x2
Firefly Jar x2
Small Firebog Jars

Blowfish Wall Lamp
Plant with Seashell

Baroque Ceiling Lamp
Royal Pink Armchair

Sloth Bed
Geisha Doll Lamp

Uralia Tree Side Table

Rhubarb Coffee Table
Stanley Stub Coffee Table
Mossy Uralia Log Bench
Orange Bonnet Mushroom Lamp
Forest Privacy Screen
Tree Cage
Bamboo Tabletop Fountain

Piggu Side Table
Squid Side Table
Jellyfish Ceiling Lamp
Dinosaur Lamp
Mushroom Lamp
Brown Bear

8bit Brick Shelf
Green 8but Brick Shelf
Joystick Table Lamp
Blue Game Controller Couch
IMG Quoin Block
Currant Quoin Block
Green Turtle Shell Sprout
Red Turtle Shell Sprout
Glitch Game Console Bed
8bit IMG Quoin Rug
Green Mushroom
Vintage Egg ][ Computer

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  • Hi!  I can do some of those things for you.  Are you willing to trade one bead at a time for a few furniture pieces?  and if so what?  Thanks!
    Posted 7 years ago by Gadzooks Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I'd definitely be interested in that. :) I'm the middle of organizing a trade for my Ouzian beads, so I'll need to update the list.

    And what I want for the Ouzian beads, for my trading partner:

    Glitch Game Console Bed - 55
    8bit IMG Quoin Rug - 15
    Green Mushroom - 15
    Joystick Table Lamp - 25
    8bit Brick Shelf - 25
    Green 8but Brick Shelf - 25

    Geisha Doll Lamp - 15
    Creekside Inkwash Painting - 25
    Piggy Side Table - 25
    Squid Side Table - 15

    Jellyfish Ceiling Lamp - 25
    Plant with Seashell - 15

    Uralia Tree Side Table - 25
    Uralia Tree Lamp - 25

    Mossy Uralia Long Bench - 25
    Forest Privacy Screen - 15
    Tree Cage - 15
    Orange Bonnet Mushroom Lamp - 25
    Bamboo Tabletop Fountain - 25
    Mushroom Lamp - 25
    Brown Bear - 15
    Stanley Stub Coffee Table - 25
    Uralia Mushroom Wall Lamp - 15

    Baroque Ceiling Lamp - 40

    Firebog Green Stool x2 - 20
    Firefly Jar x2 - 50
    Firebog Lizard x2 - 20
    Firefly Jars - 40
    Small Firebog Jars - 15
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  • Ok, you tell me what you want for a tiger eye bead and i can make it for you.  You can let me know here or send me a message in game.
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  • I will give you some of these things. IM or message me.
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  • I'll contact both of you in a bit! :D

    Note to my Ouzian trading partner:
    I have to go for now, but I'll be back in half an hour. I got all of the basic furniture.
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  • The person I was supposed to trade with left without saying anything and hasn't contacted me or posted here, so I guess my Ouzian beads are available again. I'm looking for 700 credits of upgrades and have all of the needed base furniture (you can see what I want in my 2nd post).
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  • I need 12 Ouzian beads--let me know what you want me to build/upgrade for them and I will do it
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  • Messaged you!
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