EDITED: Thank you all so very much

Hi there;

you might know me! I was in GoC, Spades, PBMS, Cubimal Traders, #!$%, and a number of other groups, even though I mostly avoided Global. I badged, a lot! I nearly got every badge that I could have, since I joined during the Open Beta. But there's a few I won't ever get. You can see my page on - I really tried to explore every edge of this game.

So, in the last 24 hours, I decided to make a run for the Artifact Badges, since I knew I'd never make it to 60, or become Monarch of the Seven Kingdoms. There's been an incredible outpouring of support and encouragement from many of my good friends here, and from community members I'd never met before today. I'm really, truly grateful :)

I've completed 9 Artifacts, super quickly, and collected pieces #1, #4 and #5 of the Large Mysterious Cube. But I haven't come across #2 or #3 - I haven't even -seen- a #3, anywhere. If these pieces are out there, please help me find them. I've got handfuls of various Artifact pieces to offer, rare cubis, a bit of material wealth or perhaps just chitchat. I do also have A Piece of Street Creator Dirt Trophy #1 (Shovel Point), back from my first month of play.

Finishing the Large Mysterious Cube and becoming a Qualified Artifactologist would make my time here complete. Drop me a line!

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  • I made it in time :) thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, it was really an incredible ride.
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  • Glad to hear it :)
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  • I finished my tower on the second last day! Ahahahaa! Good times.. Good times..
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  • I didn't get to say goodbye to my tower -sobsob-
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