Willing to trade Butterfly Bone Clip piece, Tiger's Eye or Nyanite beads

I have:
1 Piece of Butterfly Bone Hair Clip --- 5 units (see below)
2 Beads of Red Tiger's Eye Necklace --- 3 units each
3 Nyanite Necklace beads --- 2 units each

Will trade for:
Cubimals, worth 2 units, 3 units for one I don't already have, 4 units for a Gwendolyn Cubimal.
New items i haven't discovered, I just have to hold them and get the IMG. worth 2 units.
TP script to Haraiva, since I haven't been there. worth 1 unit.
Tickets to cloud rings or slip'n'slide -- worth 1 unit each

I am open to other bargains. Contact me or Nelnah Fish in the game.

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