Tiny Speck Statement on User-Created Merchandise?

Under the current licence, any derivative works based on Glitch art/IP must be non-commercial in nature - BUT there has been an abundance of user-created merchandise being sold on various websites.

The last information posted concerning merchandise asked users to open help cases asking for permission to make/sell items. Now that parts of the website are being shutdown (including help cases), is there another avenue of communication that makers and crafters should use to ask permission?

Basically, what is TS's stance on merchandise in the future?


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  • I believe TS is letting people create whatever? I'm not sure, but I thought permission was given for every thing. Can't guarantee anything though...
    Posted 11 years ago by Pickle Bob Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Hmmmmmmm interesting, maybe  you should have to notify tiny speck for commercial uses.
    Posted 11 years ago by we are durza Subscriber! | Permalink

    The more-or-less blanket permission is for non-commercial uses; for merchandise you still have to ask.
    Posted 11 years ago by Fnibbit Subscriber! | Permalink