Transformers Fan Club

This message goes out to all the gltiches who know something about Transformers. The only way to judge if you know enough is answering this question: Which one is bad: Decepticon or Autobot? I know, simple, right? sign up here: to choose your side and become your favorite character! Your choise to save Earth(er, Ur) or rescue Cybertron! All arriving Autobots; please report to Bay 33 with Kronos Rats (Optimus Prime) and all arriving decepticons report to Starscream at Bay 66 (Megatron was injured, he is recovering.) Any questions? Please go to our Help/FAQ page if you know little about Transformers. Hope to see you there, and save your team!

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  • theme song my sister made: Transformers, Katy in disguise!
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