Skills: Some of The Longest?

I have heard from most people that the longest skills to learn are Teleportation and Better Learning!  Ironic, that the Better Learning is the longest to learn.  Anyway, I know now that when after learning a skill, it increases the the time of the other skills.  Right now, Better Learning might take hours to days but isn't that better than having to learn Better Learning once it takes many days, even a month or two?  
So I have been learning Better Learning ONLY for the past few days.  I had to get to level 3 through milking butterflies (Lol) so I could learn the first one.  And it was pretty hard to get the Spent First Lem Emblem badge so I could start learning Better Learning 3.  Anyway, if this is a bad idea, just tell me.  I could use some tips.  

Thanks so Much!

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  • Yup, I think that is an amazing idea.  If only I had done it....
    Posted 8 years ago by FTW BACON!! Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Just get as many skills as you can, and donate all your music boxes to Lem. Then you'll probably want to get Animal Kinship. The reason being is that that set of skills is pretty long, but they also give you both experience, a lot of food, and it's a skill that's easy to use because there are animals everywhere.
    hopefully you're able to get a Lem icon by then... Then you'll want to work on Mining and Teleportation.
    Also, google "Glitch Academy," it's wonderful.
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  • Right now, maxing out BL early is a great idea. Whether that will stay true after the shift to Imagination remains to be seen.
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  • Oh yeah, Mining!  I think that may also be one of the longest!
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  • If only....... good luck to u
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