Sick Glitch?

I'm sure there are glitches out there that have medical issues. Do you have something you would like to share or talk about for support?  

Me? I have epilepsy. On average I have a tonic clonic seizure once a week or so. I am currently on my way to see my neurologist in Halifax Infirmary Hospital (Brain Repair Center) to discuss more treatment options since my medication is starting to fail.

There are some wonderful people on glitch. And I thank all that has offered to listen and offer support when I need it the most. 


[edit] a fellow glitch sent me a link to a support group within glitch! It's a bit quiet, but maybe we can wake it up!

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  • hugs , xoxo to jess! I will be praying that it all goes really well at the docs today! ;)
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  • I'm epileptic.  I've been since I was a teen and my meds have kept it stable (Thank the Giants.)

    Good luck wit the docs.
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  • Thanks cat. I miss you sooo much. Come play more often ?
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  • Can I give hug? *hugs* I can't imagine having something really physically wrong with me like that. Most of my major malfunctions are mental. (yay alliteration)

    ...yeah, I suck at knowing what to say. Hope everything turns out okay. *more hugs*
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  • Hi! I hope all goes well for you today.

    I have multiple sclerosis, myself.
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  • All the best with your appointment Jess, there is a group for Chronic Pain sufferers, you'll be able to find it via my profile page I believe.  I had epilepsy as a child but thankfully outgrew it by the time i reached my late teens xxxx
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  • Good glitchy luck Jess.  I have arthritis which makes walking very painful and slow, which is one of the reasons I love Glitch so much!  I walk all over the place and tell myself I am getting some exercise without pain!  Luckily it has not affected my wrists or fingers so I can use the keyboard.
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  • I have been diagnosed with follicular cancer of the thyroid gland. The gland has been removed and I am on replacement thyroxine awaiting radioactive iodine treatment.

    I recently found out that, in Australia at least, cancer is a reportable offence :/

    I got a letter saying doctors and hospitals are required, by law, to report new cases of cancer to the cancer register. My personal details have now been added to the register without my knowledge or consent.

    They argue about the merits of registers to track criminals and debate the rights of sex offenders and paedophiles to privacy yet they start a cancer patient register without any discussion at all. Am I really a greater threat to society than a rapist or child molester?

    This feels so wrong to me but maybe I am just being oversensitive about it :/
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  • I just want to say you guys are great and I wish all the best to all of you!
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  • Enola - are you sure it isn't a reportable disease rather than offence?  I had a cancer op in November and I know that all cancer patients are tracked in order to work out the statistics on survival rates etc.  I live in the UK by the way.
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  • I won't state the name of one of my illnesses except to people I've grown to know and like on Glitch, but as far as other things go, I do have seizures on occasion, so I can feel you there. I also sympathize and empathize with people who have depression, which is an illness but some people don't think it is.

    I feel for you guys and hope you guys feel better and get on a good road to recovery. And, excuse the F bomb, but fuck cancer.
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  • @ Charliesmom - Yikes, cancer AND arthritis, sorry to hear you have such a lot to cope with.

    I know the cancer register is designed to gather statistics on the disease but it feels like I'm being punished for getting cancer. I value my privacy and don't like my name, address and date of birth being added to any list without my consent. Surely there is another way to gather statistics that doesn't involve ignoring my right to privacy.

    @ Jessenya - hope all went well for you at the doctors today.

    @ ~Senorita Snerkles~ - *comforting hug to you*
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  • <3 to all.
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  • Enola Llataton: FWIW I don't think you're over-reacting. What with all the poking and prodding by doctors and the anxiety that goes along with that, I think your reaction is normal!

    I've had 2 go-rounds with cancer myself, so on feeling like you're being punished - I'm right there with you, my friend. *pat pat*
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  • @Flowerry Pott - 2 rounds? Awww that's not fair! I hear you on the poking and prodding! I've had so many blood tests I'm expecting to become anemic soon lol.
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  • Update:  Switching to new medication, lets hope it does a better job than the last one ?
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  • I suffer from pretty nasty depression on occasion.  I'm generally fine, but offer this info in solidarity and support of those who are not.
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  • @Carl .. Does it happen to be a seasonal depression , or just random?
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  • It's got its cycles.  It was worse in my teens and twenties.  It seems to have a two and a half to three month cycle.  And it seems to be effected by the weather and circumstances a bit.  So, the seasons can have an effect, but if I take Vitamin D it really, really helps in that department.  

    Mostly, these days, anymore, it's a low level hum that comes and goes and is seriously aggravated by life events and diet.
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  • I have anxiety. I have all of my life but I wasn't medicated for it until 9 years ago. The med's don't always work, nor do I always take them. I have also had my med's changed many times so I understand how that goes. I hope you are doing okay <3! 
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