I HATE lobe

Where the heck did the word come from, anyway? Does anyone else cringe when they hear "i lobe you"?

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  • No, and it's not a big deal. As with any other phrase, if you don't like it, just tune it out.
    Posted 8 years ago by Djabriil Subscriber! | Permalink
  • so......confused....
    Posted 8 years ago by Sooriyan Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Just like the Holidays, it's the thought that counts...
    Posted 8 years ago by WalruZ Subscriber! | Permalink
  • Nope, I think it's fun.  

    Even though you're hating, I still lobe you EarthtoGrace.
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  • I LOBE hate!
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  • "Lobe" came from an inside joke between Innie and myself. She was referencing Ferengi and thought it would be funny. I thought it was a typo and laughed. We started yelling it to each other in global because we both hang out there a lot and it stuck with a lot of Glitchen. 

    I guess I'm biased, but I am a huge fan of "Lobe". One might say I lobe "Lobe!"
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  • It is just a word that some choose to use, and who cares if they do use it. Just as who cares if a person doesn't use the word.  I am honestly quite flummoxed as to why this garners such strong feelings.
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  • @Oristia - Well, it wouldn't be the forums if there wasn't something vanishingly small to complain about.
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  • idgaf about lobe.  sounds like toddler talk
    Posted 8 years ago by Jessenya Subscriber! | Permalink
  • I always think of "ear lobe".

    I skin-flap you.
    Posted 8 years ago by Crrrystal Subscriber! | Permalink
  • When I first heard it I thought it was referring to the lobes of the brain, because we're all being imagined by the Giants, like in their brains, or something, I dunno. I still prefer to think of it that way :)
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  • To each his own, but I do cringe every time I read it, and you will never see it typed willingly by my own fingers.  ^^
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  • Personally I think its like most (poor) internet memes and inside jokes, its funny/cute the first few times you see it but it eventually gets sickeningly annoying.  Like Elle I would never willingly type it, but if someone likes using it I say more power to them.
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