Why do you enjoy Glitch? (For my school project) ?Paper done, thanks everyone!!?

?The homework / project / paper / assignment (I really don't know the difference) is done! Thanks everyone!!?

At school, we're doing an assignment where we have to come up with a question to do with nearly anything and then ask some people what their opinion is.

The question I chose was Why do you enjoy playing Glitch? (Well, actually, to be honest, that is one of the sub-questions) Project has to be in by Monday (I live in New Zealand so that's tomorrow). The project is worth quite a bit of my grade.

                     Sundae :]

ETA: If you could, could you tell me why you joined, and stayed playing, along with why you enjoy glitch? You don't have to - just why you enjoy it is great, but it would help me a bit more if you added the other 2 parts
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  • At first, it was a novel new game with a good vision.  But now, the main reason I play it is to play with the other gamers it has attracted.  The people who play Glitch, particularly my friends, are good people with a great shared sense of humor and joy of the absurd and cute!
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  • Thanks very much! This is perfect for the homework! I know most people will be looking at the new stuff. but could anyone else please quickly reply? If I don't get at least 10 replies then Ill have to do it about something else and restart it all! (I currently have 2 and 1 half out of ten replies I need so that's another 7 replies in only 3 days :\  )
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  • At first the quirkiness of the whole thing. But over time, the thing that has me coming back is the community of players. And my desire to contribute to this community. I've met such wonderful people here :) 

    Good luck with your project, Sundae!

    ETA: How I found Glitch: I was looking for a fun game that I could play in a web browser, and ran across an article on the PC Gamer site about MMOs, I think. Thinking the art was cute, I signed up to help test the Alpha version of the game, and was delighted with the humor and community. Sorry this bit is late! (and probably unnecessary at this point.)
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  • I was looking for some open-end game that I could enjoy for longer period of time. I came across a review, which named Glitch the “cutest” game of the year. I like cute games, so I gave it a try.

    I kept playing b/c it was a complex, well designed, humorous, sandbox game with a big potential of expansion. And it was fun! I liked that TS was not after a quick profit, had a plan and was very “communication friendly”.

    I enjoy Glitch (I am not sure I still do as much as I used to, but this is another topic) b/c it is a constructive fun game that promotes good values (I like that I can walk on the streets without a fear of being shot or eaten by zombies). I also like a direction of development that includes creating a self–regulating socioeconomic system.

    Good luck!
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  • I got an invite from a friend on Tumblr. My first fascination was the landscape art and I traveled all over Ur enjoying the different areas. The laid back playful interactions with the world and other players was a big plus too. For me, it's relaxing escapism to just bounce around. I can be social or not, either way it's fun.

    Good luck on your paper. Hope this helps.
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  • From my first time playing, the mostly non-sequitur, humorous, and surrealistic flavor of the whole of Ur grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Also, once I heard Keita Takahashi was involved in the design, my Katamari-sized heart pretty much burst! It's just an immensely creative game that I couldn't help but embrace.

    I've been here since the initial launch day in September and have stayed through the un-launching and the whole game mechanic/housing revamp because I want to see where this game is going. Normally when a game "unlaunches" or suffers from delays, it's something that would make me lose some confidence in the game developers. Here, because I see how much effort is put into the art and how much thought is put into everything, I have had faith that the game can only get better from here. TS doesn't seem to be a corporate monster like some other game companies, which makes me want to support them through thick and thin.

    There's just so much more fun to be had and the possibilities are endless. Glitch makes me happy, as do the majority of Glitchen I've met. :D
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  • I enjoy playing Glitch because it first reminded me of the game Poptropica I used to play, but then I was introduced to a HUGE, HILARIOUS, and most of all FUN game! There are literally hundreds of things I could do. Cooking, exploring, mining, hoarding, crafting, witching (like potions), harvesting, partying, questing, achieving, and WHOLE bunch of other stuff. I swear I am never bored!!!!
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  • Thanks everyone! I am nearly done (I'm currently editing and then I'm just laying it out), so I don't need anymore replies.
    Thanks for helping me with my homework (or assignment? Or project? Or paper?), everyone! All the replies were perfect!

    Happy Glitching,
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