Just a lil fun thing to do...

Okay, so theres two things ive found that are fun to...

One: Find Youtube Music Videos or other Videos (Such As this ) and muting it, and listening to the loading song.

Two: Find the Crab, Flatter him while listening to a song (Preferably a Non-Country song) and watch the crab. It normally fits in perfectly with the song!

Now i know alot of you out there would say "This belongs in off-topic because it doesnt involve game at all!" but it does! Just think, whats the point of a game? To have Fun!!!! And sure, its in beta, not much fun going around, but that needs to be brought back. Maybe this belongs in ideas for wanting, but i think it will fit snug right here.

Happy Glitchen Days To You All

From Yours Truly,

Taco ASSassin

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  • Fun is unique to everyone. Some people might find math fun. (But I'm not that person.)
    Some people find science fun. Fun is expressed in different ways. Could be squeezing chickens. Could be milking Butterflies.

    Also, this is pretty off topic. =/
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  • +1 Nuh.
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  • lol seems the devs think so too
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