Well damn.

Another update, another shitstorm of complaints about said update.
Am I the only one who just goes, "Oh they reset houses, put everything into boxes, and said have fun? Coolio." ?

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  • Nope! You are not the only one.
    Having fun building is what I am doing.
    That, and looking for Jellisacs.
    And being really thankful I harvested so many barnacles in advance.
    And got plenty of snails made.
    And had buckets of planks.
    And plenty (so far) of ingots.
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  • I'm a happy camper, er, mover. I love my new house.
    I had to scrape up some barnacles but that's it.
    I'm thankful for more storage and having design options.
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  • Loving all the fun new things to do, despite being a wee bit overwhelmed by the radical change i am enjoying being able to use all the elements of the game that were kind of (for lack of a better term) "useless" for gameplay aside from street projects (like the machines and boggy materials).

    Coolios! =^.^=
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