This is my goodbye: the best i could do; and it won't do justice

If you read my earlier post, then you know that I have lost all faith in TS due to either the actions of one staff member, or the integrity/security of posts in the forums.  Posts should not be changed.  My time on here, since September, has been an amazing experience.  This was my first game of the kind and, though I have friended many of you, I am not a part of the FS refugees; I knew little of what to expect.  Gameplay was like the game name:  Glitch(y).  However, somehow it worked.  And I can’t count the memories and good times.   Friends have come and gone; and, now is my time.  But I hope to share with you some of the greatest memories that I have from the game.  That means this post is going to be long, but so many roads of friendship. 

When I started out in the brain, and wondering around as a first time online-game player, I was lucky to find how friendly people in game were.  2020 Smoke, this-is-me, Treena and Teena (took me a while to get that one right), Xev, and GiaPaws!, you were some of the first I met.  This-is-me brought me under the bridge at GGW for the first time.  I loved the game.  I still had no clue what I was doing (that will be a common thread).  Somehow I loved this game of wondering around “aimlessly”…I take that back, it makes complete sense that I loved this game because I could wonder around aimlessly—the people made the game.

 I soon bought my first house on Ojan Repine---don’t know why, but I landed there.  My neighbors were awesome.  Mik Powers and Marie’s dad---hell, I think Marie’s whole family lived there.  Great people.  It was there that I met  Jessenya…she wasn’t quiet for long.  And after a few more trips to GGW, I met probably my best friend, Wrong Way.  For someone wandering around aimlessly, finding Wrong Way seemed natural and right.  Street parties with my neighbors Jessenya and Jillybean followed—Jessenya always had plenty of drinks.

 I thought to myself, this is the greatest game ever!  I met Malist, Herb Herbally, Serenitycat, Ascher, Finley Linker, spiceypup, RM and Jade.  I loved it.  A game where the point is to help others out.  I was amazed with how far the others had leveled and how much they had and how much they shared.  I hadn’t leveled, but I hope that I was as kind and giving to you all, as you were to me.  Then I got into fights with Gertiemack and thepheebs over trees.  Those trees were mine. 

Wrong Way then introduced me to the Mefis.  Surprisingly, this group was just as welcoming to a newcomer.  Phixion, Jessypie,  and TN, I think you were the first that I met.  I remember the first day, working on a crossword with TN in chat, while wandering through the game.  Phix and Jess, my two favorite chicks.  All of the mefies took me in with open arms—despite my continued antics trying to fill houses with Random Kindness, Gems, grain, and any other object.  Taking trips around Ur dressed as a rainbow with balonious, Sweet Tea Biscuit, Valett, Phix, Jess, aglet and WW.  LX, you made it into that photo too :   KG, Meghan, Katgamer, AdventureKitty, Moehr Ossum, Mr. OS, Quois, juv3nal, FromOhio (who is not, they are a band)…Thank all of mefie so much.  I’m going to try to post some of my alltime memories, to sum up some things.  The Ancestral Lands Races…where I met many of you.  Teleporting out of the backyard.  The mission of 100 rubes on one street.  Levitation school.  So many pranks and shared laughs.  Even when I was standing afk forever as Zombie Clark, things were great.  We all have so many memories of getting into places that we shouldn’t have been.  Jessie getting us into hell bar early, which led to me showing Tom C, tis and Lx.  

While I might not have made the record for streets, the kindness in glitch lead to another getting one extra street.  When you look at the leaderboards—to me it is you all—so many roads, so many memories.  Upon posting this, I will open up a party pack…either way; this will be my last road.  I hope you will be there.  

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  • Wait...we're mad at TS because they changed some swear words (in a useless angry rant thread) to not swear words? Did we run out things to complain about already? And really...censorship? lol C'mon now. Maybe we should learn the definition of censorship before you start throwing it around.

    "Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body."

    "Censorship -- the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society”

    I'm all for your free speech, but that doesn't mean you don't have consequences when you go out of line. Keep that in mind. Free speech ? free of consequences.
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  • 102nd post. I win.
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  • I think it's time for 60s Spiderman.
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  • I have read the original post: it still exist in the edited form. Editing a post is not as heinous as censorship.  I  don't agree that there should be editing without acknowledgement of what was edited, but I also don't see how it warrants a childish RageQuit, even though that has not been achieved yet as OP is still here at the time of writing.
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  • Personally I would not only quit Glitch but throw away my computer if the staff ever edited my post and made it so much AWESOMER than the original :)

    (Not a dig at Clark or TS-  but darn it to heck a wagging fingering is pretty funny)
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  • I get feeling upset. And I respect your feelings. And (the upcoming) feature that would time stamp and give a reason for edit solves this particular issue. But, adding nothing to the particular discussion except my personal feelings:

    1) Honestly, I am very glad they changed the subject line if it read "A Big Fuck You, TS." That is not constructive criticism (even if the body of the post may have had valid points). That is just incedarary. That is straight up ill mannered and graceless. Having that in the subject line means every player that comes to the forums would be faced with the word "Fuck," and not given the choice to ignore it.

    2) One of the things I LIKE about TS is their humor and their willingness to call people out (in a calm quiet way) when they are being, well, silly. (I only say silly in that I think that subject line is a grave over reaction to the situation).

    3) But I also get feeling like your words were edit into something you didn't say. (I would argue they did you a GREAT favor in making a lashing out look like it was rational.) In fact, because I didn't know that was what was changed, the humor of it was lost on me until now. Having the note that is changed and the reason for the change would have INCREASED the humor to me AND given the OP the info he sought. Win-win and so problem is solved right there.

    4) As to having a policy of what is okay and what is not okay, I still believe the community guidelines covered this situation pretty well. I know some folks would prefer strict and explicate rules. But no set of rules would ever be able to cover everything. Which leads people to look for loop holes. As it is the rules are "Be kind. Be an adult. Have empathy."

    5) Unless you (general "you" and not directed only at the OP) you WANT to cause a ruckus and be the center of firestorm of emotions and name calling (seeing as this is the interwebs), take up your issues PRIVATELY first. If, after getting a response (and hopefully and exchange) and you still feel wronged and you feel it is an issue everyone MUST be made aware of, go ahead. Make a grand public statement.  If I feel like a friend of mine has wroned me in some way, I approach them in private first. I don't walk into a part and announce to everyone, "A big fuck you, Joe!" 

    6) Repeat: If you decide you do wish to make it a public issue, remember that the subject line is the first thing people see. That is what they will assume is the summary of the post. Make it say what you want and what you want people to react to. (Also, don't make it vague. WAY too many vague, non-specific subject lines on this forum.)

    7) Lastly... I LOVE how moving boxes were handled. LOVE it. A pain in the ass? Sure. Funny as hell to me? Yes.

    Done. Over and out.
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  • Here's what it boils down to for me: Did CG handle the situation in a constructive way? No. Did TS respond in a responsible way? No.
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  • A huge Well Said to blitheandbonny and Lord Bacon-o.  :: nods nods nods ::

    I have more to say however it might be construed as kind of being a jerk so instead I'll just.. um.. keep my mouth shut.  Y'all ever hear this from your Mommas..? ~~ "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  Well, I still try to live by it (TRY!!!!) and I think y'all should too.  Over and out.
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  • I think leaving the post unedited would have resulted in a lot more sympathy for TS and a lot less for Clark.

    To me, the edit - however much I personally think it was justified - just fuelled Clark's *very* public rage even more and gave him (and others) even more opportunity to keep up this rather obvious attention-seeking. But I understand why TS did it and I by no means consider it evidence of Pure Evil, but rather an attempt to make Clark look BETTER while preserving his outrage.

    And let's get this straight. This was an edit rather than detracting from the substance of the message (i.e. censorship). I think even in its edited form, Clark's feelings were pretty - er - effing clear, no?

    I've seen so much rage quitting on forums over the years, I tend to shrug and wait for the 'bye' messages and the 'don't go' messages. So no surprise here then.

    And, as someone said earlier, I expect Clark may get over it and return (either as his original Glitch or an alt), having had his moment of fame.  Or, if he's too proud to go back on the door-slamming and can live without the "glory", then perhaps he won't.

    I think that rage-quit storms are unavoidable in any sort of Internet community, and soooo tempting when people are tired, frustrated...  but it's just a shame for the quitter who usually regrets it (speaking from experience here: I actually *did* slam a door on a forum years ago and *was* to proud to go back, even under another name. But not too proud to go look at the 'good riddance' or 'come back please' posts... heh).

    (And me who swore never to post on the Glitch forums - just shows that some decisions can be revisited at times. Back to lurk mode now).
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  • Here's what it boils down to for me:

    Did stoot express agreement that it is not a great idea to change somebody's words without making it clear that those words have been changed? Yes.
    Has it ever been necessary to rage about TS and insult its staff in order to get TS to pay attention to player issues? No.

    Are we all done here? Yes.
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  • Okay, so after reading everything, here is my two pennies on the situation (and it may be less to some of those who have been playing much longer than I have):

    Remember, the forums are PUBLIC.  you do NOT have to be signed up for this game to read them, and anyone of -any age- can see that.  If the first thing anyone sees is:  This is a big F-You in all caps on a forum?  Not a good first impression.

    TS edited the post.  Was it a good idea for it to be edited without some kind of comment from the person who edited it?  No.  Is it censorship?  I don't think it is, the original intent came across, just without the f-you parts.

    I can see how the staff would have found the edit amusing, especially after a lot of non-stop sixteen hour days.  I've pulled those days at my job in the past and after a week of them, usually during project planning time, I am either: so tired I don't want to deal with someone's rage-filled comments, or I'm punch-happy and think that tossing a line into a document such as, "To access the Security portion of the website, the user must be assigned one of the following roles:  Administrator, Manager, or Bruce Willis" just to see if it would be read.  (Note: the document got to the signing stage without the comment being caught). 

    So I can understand why they'd think it was funny, but I also think whoever edits posts should put in a staff comment that they did it.  

    The moving boxes - pain in the ass, but as Bacon-O said, funny.  We were warned about it.  Several times.  I am still sorting through one of my boxes, because it's the one that got the majority of my hoarding items.  If I had thought about it and done it the other way, I could have stashed the box in my inventory and used the items from there.  (Lesson learned FAR too late for the big box).
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  • Personally, I thought the post change was hysterical. XD I mean, this is *Glitch* people. You get (got) quests from a magic rock and you run around milking butterflies. The completely light-hearted, eccentric, and quirky nature of this game is what (for me) makes it awesome, and I wouldn't expect (or want) the staff to be any different.

    So if you're going to fling yourself on the floor kicking and screaming after TS works their rears off trying to not wipe us because your room got messy and you don't want to clean it, then don't be surprised when TS deals with it with the same spirit of humour they use creating the game we all love.
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  • QFT. 

    You're bitching about how the sanctity of your stupid (IMO, baseless) rant was violated, on a privately owned forum. I don't understand why you even feel as though you have a right to complain; there is no first amendment right on the interwebs. I've noticed a few of my posts being minorly edited -- usually to make quotes from an above post look neater (quotation marks, italicization, name of poster), but I don't get bent out of shape about it BECAUSE THAT'S PART OF THEIR JOB.

    If you're going to quit over this, nut up and shut up. Quit making such a big FINGERWAGGING deal about it.

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  • Drakani and Bacon-o win the thread.  

    I find the whole thing hilarious: the moving boxes, the ragequits, the edited post.  Hilarious.  I've complained about edited posts in the past -- in that case, words were removed rather than changed and the whole thread became unreadable.  This time was just pleasant.  

    I find this an example of TS saying, "This is who we are.  If you don't like it, move along."  Why?  Because I want it to be.   
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  • +1 and more to Drakani, Bacon-o, Saucelah.

    The moving boxes spewing my carefully hoarded stuff everywhere were hilarious and very Glitch-like.

    I just totally cracked up over the change that was made to the forum post (it STILL makes me laugh). 

    If someone had said "F-you" to me after days and hours of no sleep to produce something that was (a) described ahead of time, (b) totally awesome, and (c) FREE, then I don't think I could have responded as well or as hilariously as TS did in this situation.
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  • I think I'm going to adopt "finger wagging" into my everyday vocabulary. Like the next time I stub my toe in front of my kids....."Ohhhhh that hurt so finger wagging much!!" :)
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  • Ooooh, maybe I'll just shorten it to "f-wagging". Much less tongue-tying!
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  • Haha Dannelynn, I actually laughed out loud
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  • I propose that, as a community, we adopt "fingerwaggin'" as our expletive modifier of choice. Whaddaya say?
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  • That's f-wagging awesome, pascale
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  • Clark.. One minute you're serenading stoot at his tree house & the next you hate glitch. What's up with that?
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  • +1 Drakini, Saucelah, Rowan and LBO.
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  • Here, here, Pascale!

    You fingerwagging scallywag!
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  • Thank you, OP. This thread has really helped me feel less bad about my stupid booze-fueled Dusty Stick rant a few months ago. A few more bitchy threads and I am *guilt-free*, baby!
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  • Can this fingerwaggin thread die now?
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  • Finger-waggin' last.
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  • Fine, but before I lock up my giant squid of anger it wants to say one last thing:

    TS had the opportunity to rise to the occasion, but chose to take the low road. They did the wrong thing and refuse to acknowledge it. And why did they do it? Because they got their jollies from it, not because it improved the situation - then they even tried to cover it up. This isn't the behavior I would expect from people I generally consider to be awesome.
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  • What's all this about weird ableism? I missed that.
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  • So when they get around to adding an "edited by" line to their forum code, you'll be happy? Cool, 'cause it's on the list of things they're planning on doing.
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  • @Merth -- where in the world did you get that they refuse to acknowledge it?  In this very thread, stoot said:

    "I probably shouldn't have said whatever it was was "f_ing awesome" (...) We shouldn't (and generally don't) edit forum posts without explicitly noting that we did it."

    That looks like acknowledging mistakes to me.  Very obviously so, in fact.  What more are you expecting?

    Edited (by me) to add: They didn't edit it because they "got their jollies" from it.  They edited it because saying "fuck you" is aggressive and not really fitting with the community guidelines (see several other posts here if you're confused about why saying "fuck you" is very different from saying "fucking awesome".)  They did, however, edit it in a way that they found amusing.  This entire place is built around things they find amusing, and it's exactly the sort of thing I'd expect.  The only mistake I see here is not leaving a note that it was edited by staff.  If, perhaps, a calm query had been made, such as, "Hey, why doesn't this say it was edited?"... well, I bet it would have gotten a note saying it was, an apology, and we all could have been saved the collective time we spent on *this* thread.  Imagine what we could do with the time that would be more productive!
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  • "3. We shouldn't (and generally don't) edit forum posts without explicitly noting that we did it. However, in the case of a player throwing a tantrum in the forums at the end of several bleary-eyed 16 hour days of a very complicated transition, we reserve the right to change "fucking" to "darn" and "shit" to "dang items" for purposes of hilarity. (Personally, I still think changing ending of the post title from "A Big Fuck You, TS" to "A Big Wagging Finger at You, TS" was very, very funny.)"

    Stoot never stepped up and just said "sorry, it was the wrong thing to do" (which it was)

    I can hear it in my head: "We don't always single out players, but when we do we think it's very, very funny."

    In the same post that he says not to call names or "pile on" he accuses Clark of throwing a tantrum. And as for the "fucking awesome" comment - that was in a stickied staff post, it wasn't just a casual flippant comment stuffed somewhere in the forum, it was literally an official fuck. Sure, he "probably shouldn't" have said that, but he never acknowledged that they probably shouldn't have edited the post either.
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  • You're right in that he never explicitly gave a direct apology.   As an outside observer, I can't say whether or not one is warranted.  That's up to the involved parties.  He did, however, implicitly acknowledge that they shouldn't have edited it in the statement we both quoted -- it either shouldn't have been done or it should have been clear that it was edited for language.

    It isn't singling out that's funny.*  To me (and remember, I'm not speaking for staff nor am I staff), the humor is found in the visceral fury being sublimated into a Mr. Rogers-friendly style of language.  Again, I agree that there should have been a notation indicating the edit, and I can completely understand being irritated and upset by someone else's words being put in one's mouth.  

    If the edit had been labeled, I would have found it utterly amusing.  It's also thematically similar to other responses I've seen on similar subjects when the poster is clearly posting in anger and doesn't seem to be ready to discuss things rationally.  I recall one thread where someone ranted about language and never specified that they actually meant swearing or otherwise explicit language.  The response given there was "We should definitely use language."  To me, it seems the obvious stylistic continuation from the game itself.  Dealing with large/active forums isn't easy, especially when the people moderating it have other responsibilities on top of it.  If one can use gentle humor to lessen the severity of an infraction, all the better (and to make it as clear as I can, I'm still speaking about what I think when edits are labeled).  

    I know that the fucking awesome wasn't a flippant comment.  I saw it.  But there isn't a double standard inherent in saying "fucking awesome is fine and fuck you will be edited away."  That's the point I'm trying to make here.  One is an adjective, and the other expresses rage in a somewhat violent and potentially threatening way (depending on speaker's intent for the latter).  I guess I don't expect more for that side of things beyond an admission that it was a mistake as it has caused some confusion as to what constitutes appropriate linguistic behavior.  

    Calling something a tantrum isn't calling names.  It also isn't an accusation, but it is using a word that describes the behavior.  The definition of tantrum is "a violent demonstration of rage or frustration; a sudden burst of ill temper" -- can you honestly say that the initial thread does not fit that description?  Because when I look at it I see a lot of frustration, and the post in response to the unlabeled edit is something I think I could point to if anyone ever asked me for an example of "a burst of ill temper".  As far as I'm concerned, it also qualifies as indirectly violent given the aggression displayed in the original language choices.  

    * I also don't think anyone was singled out.  The edits didn't happen because there was swearing.  They happened because that particular instance qualified as "excessive obscenity, vulgarity, or other kinds of generally offensive behavior" (from the Community Guidelines, italics mine).  Again, see previous comments delineating why the use of fuck in "fuck you" is a massively different use of the word.  Also note that the Community Guidelines should apply to staff decisions as well as to the average player, so please try to avoid assuming bad intentions.  
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  • can i have your senor funpickle?
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  • The player-created memory holes that exists in these forums is bad enough, but it's even more egregious when staff, moderators and/or owners of a web site do it. There's simply no defense for altering someone else's words without attribution.

    Clark was one of the nicest, funnest, and most generous Glitches you could ever hope to meet, and it's a shame that some people will only have this incident to form an opinion of him. But you don't have to like a player to dislike the actions taken against him or her or understand the bad precedent it sets.

    CG, I'm going to miss our adventures. It's just not the same without you. *hugs*
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  • To clarify one thing: I don't know Clark, and I wouldn't presume to judge him based on this.  I'm reading it as a bad night, feeling upset, and that then being compounded by a negative and distressing experience.  I would be astonished if anyone here could honestly say that they've never lost their temper and said something that they probably shouldn't have, and I'd never form an opinion of someone based on what appears to be exactly that.  I also hope he does come back sometime, because I have no reason to doubt any of the people saying that he was a great member of the community.  It's sad when someone feels they have to leave over a situation like this.  
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  • *Cue's "The Lonely Man Theme" for the longest goodbye ever:

    @Stoot, I appreciate the response.  It does clear things up.  Tiny Speck's ToS reserves the rights to edit posts based on what they feel is hilarity.  It is good that you are working on the time stamp; however, your personal feelings to a customer's post should not be the reason to have to use it.

    The sad thing is, the original use of the word "f---" was directed at my house.  Actually, since you were kind enough to refresh my memory of the exact words used, I think my first post said, "My house is a f---ing mess; [stuff] is everywhere, and it is going to take forever to clean up."  You had the exact use of "gosh darn" and "dang" down perfect.  It is unclear what you felt was tantrum enough at that point to justified editing.  Oh, and the subject was a vicious, "I was really looking forward to new housing; this sucks."  I think the tantrum you speak of came on your end.  You edited  the post after I commented on your thread.  To your credit, your response to my last post here was rather timely.  You're getting better.

    The "big wagging finger" came to the subject line of an Edited Thread, along with the "f---- you", much later.  Those popped up after your "moment of hilarity."  The only positive to those was learning about this edit button, so that big wagging finger could be waved.  After a long work day, you're right, I find it a little amusing as well.  Keeping the post that way works for me---you deserve it.

    I know I'm going to be kicked on the way down.  But I hope this helps to ensure that the words read are your own, and not some blurred version of what you might have meant as interpreted to be "funny".

    @Hell's, I never had a funpickle, and my dustystick has been given away---but I might have an old tp script to CG's Home Street that works for 100 iMG when used.  I had a ton of those, lol.
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  • This thread gets an A+ for lolz, but an F for the OP's level of self-awareness and ability to let go and move on.  
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  • inb4 people say they're quitting and never actually do.
    I for one, am not a fan of attention-trolloping, ye' finger waggin' scallywag!
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  • "4. This is not that important" -- not true, because importance is subjective. I haven't counted empirically, but I think Clark is over 2000 words.

    Personally I find it important to say

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  • I agree with that grading Saucelah. :) 

    Maybe it's time someone invoked that thread-ending word.  You know which one I'm talking about.  I mean someone has to say it.  I know it's difficult sometimes, but it has to be done.

    Who volunteers?
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  • @Tibbi
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  • Oh crap. I don't know the about plain old "pretty please with sugar on top"?
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  • Think about it carefully.  What word... or to be more specific... Name, is guaranteed to have moderators scrambling to lock threads, or move them to places newbies will never find them.  I know you know it. {heehee}

    So who want to make the sacrifice and be the one to utter the unutterable. :)?
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  • Tibbi, you wouldn't be trying to invoke Godwin's Law, would you?
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  • I believe the "word" starts with an H and ends with an R.....someone else fill in the blanks :D
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  • We're filling in letters now? Can I be Vanna White?  (I mean really, have you seen the wardrobe she gets?)
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  • Happier!
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  • Why do you keep telling him to quit already? What harm is he doing you? If you don't like the thread don't read it, if you don't like him don't talk to him.
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  • *Doesn't have anything to add, was just feeling left out*
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