OMG DOGS!!!!!!!!

So Mom came back from the park and I helped her ferry in the 3 bichon's from the back seat of the car (we're dog sitting this morning) and whilst that was happening my Dad opened the boot of the car as asked to by Mom.  Everyone's happy in the back garden, chatting, petting bichon's and then Mom pipes up, 'Where's Sasha?'

Sasha is the golden retriever who was in the boot of the car!

Suffice it to say panic ensued, followed by a mercy dash, tears, 2 cars racing along side streets, witnesses observers pointing us in the right direction and finally we found her...back at her own home!  Bundled her into the back of one of the cars and drove her home.  I can't believe she managed to walk over the busy main road.  We were so lucky.

You'd think that'd be the end of the story. 

It isn't.

Mom pulls into the garage, opens the boot to let out Sasha, Sasha runs AGAIN!!!

Another mercy dash ensures.  Mom this time is swearing like a trooper.  'That finger-wagging dog' - we speed along her home route, the dog is running until we finally get alongside her.   Calling 'Sasha, Sasha, treat, treat'.  Sasha thinks it's a game and everytime Mom stops the car for me to get out and I even get remotely close to the dog she runs again.  

On the 6th attempt of emergency stopping and Mom pushing me out of the car we finally got her.

She is now BACK with us.  Panting still after 30 minutes.  I'm panting from the heat and excitement.   Mom is exhausted.  Dad is blaming Mom.  I never want to look after another dog again.  But she is alive.  Only bad thing now is we can't hide it as when Sasha ran home her neighbour saw her so we have a known witness to the hell we just experienced HAHAHAHAHA

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  • We had four Chihuahua puppies in March, and kept two, Cricket and Noma. Cricket is the biggest and Noma is the runt (but she's getting there). Cricket is also an escape artist. She's worked out how to pull on the gate to get out of the room their food and puppy-box is in for now, and regularly makes a break for it... including out the door, one day, when nobody was watching. She proceeded to wiggle under the gate, trot down the driveway, and hide out under the spruces we've got along the back of the house. 45 minutes later, after calling and calling and completely missing her hiding under the spruces- she leaps out, tail a-wagging, clearly under the impression we were playing some form of hide-and-seek with her. Meanwhile we're worried sick that, since she's a tiny 4-inch-tall puppy, she could've gotten into the street and gotten hit without anybody knowing. But nope, she was just playing with the tall weird things she gives kisses to.
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