Here comes the spidermoose!

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  • Oh. Thank you.
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  • Spider-Moose, Spider-Moose,
    Does whatever a Spider-Moose does.
    Can he swing from a web?
    No, he can't, he's a Moose,
    Look out, he is a Spider-Moose!
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  • It's still stuck in my head. :P
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  • GAH! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! *hides under table*
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  • I love how the film people whack and extra two words on the beggining of spider man and expect everybody to rush to see it again :D
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  • Maybe Off Topic Forum?
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  • I've found myself praying that these high budget remakes will lose their shirts to maybe drive the message home to hollywood that they need to cough up something original for a change, instead of regurgitating the same crap (pardon my vernacular but it fits) that they keep on producing over and over and over.

    Sadly, people keep on going to see them like a bunch of indoctrinated sheep
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