Torontonians: D&D 4e?

Hello. This is a long shot, but ... any Torontonian glitchen interested incoming into an established D&D 4e campaign?

MEETING TIMES AND GROUP: We meet every other Sunday at 2:30 in the Annex. We generally break up about 6:30 to 7:30. The DM is a 22-ish guy, then we have a 30-something guy, an early 40s guy, and an early 40s woman (me).

CAMPAIGN: We're level four and in the middle of a pretty casual group. There are three of us: tiefling warlock, human warlord, human fighter, ranging from chaotic well-intentioned to chaotic stupid. You could either roll your own or step into a dragonborn paladin of Pelor. I think the term for our general campaign setting is "points of light," if that helps. None of us are hard-core, and two of the players are first-timers, though both of them played up from level one and zero XP, so they're not wholly raw.

IM me or reply here or mail me in-game if this appeals.

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