I wish (yes, it's a complaint) . . .

. . . more newbies would get out into the world, explore and learn/play the game instead of begging for things more experienced players have had to work for. I don't mind gifting people and I very much enjoy visiting my visitors' streets and harvesting their resources -- wish more would harvest mine -- because it gives both of us iMG and nice surprise "drops," but it's kind of frustrating to visit the street of someone who is level 10 or 12 or even 14 and they have nothing to harvest because they spend all their time trying to cajole SDBs and faded hearts out of folks on the trade channel. Go learn some skills! Look for some ghosts! Ur is *full* of interesting things to learn and do.

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  • Hmmm, I don't go on the trade channel and I've not run into any beggars but I can kind of see how it could get old if every new player you met was constantly asking for stuff.

    I've met many very nice new players and, honestly, none of them have asked for any items.  I had one request for a tip on how to do something and I was really happy to get that question.  But, I've been awaiting the new players with great anticipation because I enjoy telling others what to do and how to do it.

    I wonder if some new players have gotten the idea that they can get everything they ask for because so many players were bored and awaiting the newbies so they started giving them everything they ever owned.

    I did hand out little bags of stuff I thought appropriate but I remembered to include items that made sense for a newer player.  No point handing out a meal worth 200 energy if the players max is half that etc.

    I was hoping to get more questions like "how do you make salt" and "where can I get cheese" but, maybe I'll get more questions in time.

    I am thinking that, with the large imbalance (of experience) between newer players and more established players, it must be odd to only own a bare walled house but see tons of snaps of homes filled with boxes and furniture and decor and wall paper and toys...  Not only do they not have those items, but they probably aren't able to make them yet!  That could lead to desire...yeah, I can see that.

    Oh, me too.  Please, more glitches harvest my street!  I'm going to go harvest your street right now, Mollie.  Gotta share the iMG!
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  • Thanks, Minkey. I'm going now to harvest *your* street! I don't mean to imply that the gimme group is large; most of the newcomers I have encountered are out in the world having a good time. But there are a persistent few . . . .
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  • Thanks!

    Yeah, I know what you mean.  And, when you do run into a few, it winds up seeming like a lot.

    I think they'll get it figured out, especially once they realize how much fun it is to try, fail, keep trying and then get that item or skill or whatever.

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  • We have a huge imbalance right now between "old hands" who have seen and done and have it all, and fresh-faced newbies who are just getting their legs under them and have NOTHING. The gap between the two categories is huge, and many of us can barely remember what it's like to be constantly running low on energy and be scrambling to stay out of Hell.

    To those new players, us "old hands" look all-powerful, super-rich, and giant-like. To them, we kinda are. Let us use our responsibility wisely!
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  • Good point, Pascale!  Funny thing is, I started after the first release and still feel very new compared to those at twice my level.  But, I've had a lot of time to play and learn and acquire so I'm still at that point where I pretty much own and can do everything.  Must seem weird to have nothing or not much.

    When I bought my first home, a tiny shack/pod up in a tree, that 1500 currants seemed soooo expensive and took a long time to gather.  How many homes did I buy, sell, buy since then...a ton!  50,000c mansion, sell it!  30,000c mansion, sell it!

    I like being able to use iMG towards house expansion and improvement; makes it seem all the more likely that I'll save up another 600,000c to spend on cubimals!!  Giving away currants is fun and, I try not to overdo it.  I'm not sure it is as much fun to receive too much free stuff.  A little goes a long way, or at least, that is how I remember it.

    I think another thing I'm aware of (and don't want to forget) is that for the newer players, the cool and new stuff that seems old hat is super exciting still!  I like to "like" and comment on the random things the new players are posting because, yeah, that stuff is really fun the first few times and I still think it is fun now.  I like getting excited over their discoveries and their first deaths and their first "have you noticed the way...".
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