Need help getting ready for my ridiculous house party...

I'm throwing a huge party in the near future (probably this friday or saturday, not sure yet) and I need a little help.  I was trying to make raffle tickets you could buy at the door, but they're a real pain in the ass to make.  Here's what I'd ask from you guys:

I need people to make me some tickets by writing up some notes in the following format:

Title: A number that I will tell you (the number will formatted like this: 5 091, with a space between the thousands digit and the rest)
Body: All the body will say is "Save This Ticket".

If you'd like to do this, here's what I'll do.  If you contact me, I'll assign you a set of ten numbers to do.  So it'll be something like 5 091-5 100.  Write out those tickets in that format, and put them in a ten slot bag, and leave the bag with my butler.  I'll reimburse you for the cost of the bag at 1200 currants, then give you another random gift for taking your time to help me.  If you want to do more, let me know and I'll compensate accordingly, but please still do them in 10 bags in groups of 10, this is purely for my ease of depositing.

Thanks for helping me make this party all it can be!

Current Assignments:

Hell's Bartender: 5 191 - 5 200
Omgstfuplox: 5 111 - 5 120, 5 131 - 5 140, 5 141-5190
Hariette: 5 121 - 5 130

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