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Just thought I'd spam off-topic with some totally geek stuff:

Tack on your totally geek stuff, too.

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  • darnit. posted on the wrong forum.  I'm sorry everybody.  Non-geeks avert your eyes.  (please move to off-topic, thanks)
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  • Wow... I'm not even remotely an Apple guy and I want one :)
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  • Just sayin'... we used those in the newsroom at my college newspaper. /old
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  • You should Google Raspberry Pi someday.... ;)
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  • I'm not aware of the full implications of that, but it looks good.
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  • @Georgia - We had a couple of these and some Apple IIs as well in my grade school's "computer lab" (wheeled carts with computers strapped to them, basically; they were circuit-riding computer labs, I guess).
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  • Ahhh, cool!

    We grew up with an Atari 800 computer complete with cassette drive, floppy disc drive and all the other stuff I don't remember.  We played, aside from Pong and Tank, Miner 2049er, Journey to the Planets, Archon (an old and early Electronic Arts game and my fave), The Sands of Egypt and who knows what else.  I had that puppy up and working through the nineties!  No, wait...mid-nineties.  Ahem.

    Finally let it go because it was HUGE!

    Thankfully, my guy ebayed an old Atari 1200 (much smaller, just for games) and games for me.  Actually, we had to buy an old TV too, just to be able to have the right kind of screen.

    I remember being a little jealous when my friends got the newer Macs.  Aww, I wanted a new computer too!!
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  • My first computer was an AIM-65.  You kids need to get off my lawn, etc.
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  • My first computer wasn't that SE/30.  Someone at work gave me a 'big-board' which was a Z-80 singleboard.  It had two 8" disk drives and booted CP/M.There was no case, just the parts to plug together.  It didn't have a monitor, but I pulled one out of a discarded dumb terminal and figured out by the relative sizes of the coupling capacitors which were the sync and video lines and wired it up.  I had a TRS-80 Model 1 before then, but when in H.S. nerded out on what I could afford, a programmable calculator. 

    The cool thing about the SE/30 in the top post is that it can still run a current operating system, NetBSD, which also runs on almost everything else.  Well, not the 8-bitters everybody remembers nostalgically.

    The place I currently work was using some AIM-65s in the test lab for various purposes up until about a decade ago.  Also Commodore SX-64s.  When they phased those out I brought four SX-64s home that I haven't gotten around to doing anything with yet.

    Nerd out.  I guess.

    The Raspberry Pi mentioned above is something people with kids should look into.  They've taken an ARM processor, basically the kind of processor in a cellphone or the iPad, and made a small credit-card sized computer with it.  They're selling them for about $25-35 and focused on getting them into the hands of kids who might be inclined to do programming, fiddling around with hardware, etc.

    The current 'mainstream' computers in use today are viewed by some as less than optimally accessable for the kind of casual programming that got a lot of people started in the 80s.  Schools are developing curriculum around the Raspberry Pi, which runs a version of Linux installed on an SD card plugged into the Pi.  It's definitely worth checking out if you have a son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandson or daughter, etc. 

    The website for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is associated with the University of Cambridge, is ; Check it out.
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  • [wipes drool off of chin] M'mm, yummy nerdiness!
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