Block me! And remember I have a comic book addiction, particularly cute furry animals and mice.

I'm inherently anti-social, but when I log into the game and see little glitches on my screen, I find that I have the deep, personal urge to IM people, or give away No-No, or scoobie snacks. Please save me from the fact that I have no personal self control and feel compelled to talk to you. Please, please just block me so I can get back to watching scrollbars for my Lemburger ingredients.

Also, I have an addiction to comic books. I have been in therapy for ten years, but I still have this urge to go in to my local comic book shop and get the latest installment of Mouse Guard, know anything involving cute looking animal critters. Which while we are on the topic, I'm sure the development of cubimals is directly aimed at me....cruel, cruel world, game, Giants! What would Reggie Watts do? Probably lots of curse words that would get me banned I bet. Maybe I should just link to the video.

So, remember, no discussion of comic books in any public forum or else you all are responsible for my rushing to my local comic store and dropping a grand on Y, or whatever that story is about the last man. Or maybe start buying X-Men in reverse chronological order until my money runs out and I am left playing Glitch in my local library with the local homeless guys (hey there, Dave, Crackhead Steve and Jim Bob!) 

Remember. Only you can save me Glitches....please don't let me down!

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  • *Unblocks
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  • OMG, I love the X-Men!
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  • But, I love Clark Kent even more!
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  • I'm sorry to do this to you, but it can't be helped... I'm a complete comic geek and had to friend you!  I know this may be a problem for you, so feel free to block me if you feel the need to shake me off ;P

    Yay for comics & comic fans!!!

    EDIT: BTW, the fact that you're mentioning Maus and only referencing the cute animals aspect is making me grin at the poor unsuspecting folks who go and read it not knowing what to expect! Brilliant read... just not "cute".
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  • I love The Invisibles, does that count?
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  • "cute furry animals and mice"

    Did I ever mention that I'm a rat furry?
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  • Meander:  whatever resources you have left, you should devote to purchasing the complete adventures of Krazy Kat (the Ur-mouse of the comic book realm).
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  • Yes!  Krazy Kat!  And Meander Thralls!  Yes!  So much goodness here!  Nice to see you're still around, still trying to navigate your way through the BS to find the good parts.
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  • I'm friending both you and xombiekitty because of this thread. :~)

    I really don't want you to spend all your money, but... have you read "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck?"

    Also ElfQuest. It has wolves! And is generally awesome. And you can get it all for free online at :~D (The first issue is not very well drawn, but from the second on every thing is gorgeous.)
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  • Ooh...ElfQuest blew my mind when it came out. Had never seen anything like it.

    Got my start with Batman and Superman as a kid, but nowadays I'm more of a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac girl, with some Kabuki thrown in for good measure.
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  • Did you... did you just call "Maus" a graphic novel with cute looking animals? I... words failing me.

    For those who don't know, Maus is a FANTASTIC graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about his father's time during the Holocaust. Lots of genocide. About how his brother was killed by his aunt so they could avoid the camps. About his own time in a mental institution. About his mother's suicide after being a Holocaust survivor. Yeah, cute looking animals.
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  • Do you all see now? You see all this comic book talk and why everyone must block me??? Ok, I'm making notes and am falling off the wagon, starting with Krazy Kat - which somehow I managed not to hear of.

    P.S. Pixie, I thought the Maus bit is, far and away, the funniest thing about this....if I'm allowed to say something in my own post is funny.
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  • Say hello to Dave, Crackhead Steve and Jim Bob for me. Looks like Krazy Kat will be sending you to the library shortly...
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  • Pixie, you forgot to mention that, while the story and content of Maus is far from cute and cuddly, the characters are portrayed as cute cuddly mice...for those who aren't familiar.
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  • No they aren't. While all the characters are portrayed as animals {based on stereotypes such as the Polish being pigs, or the French being frogs}, they are far from cute and cuddly. and that is the last time i'll take this bait.
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  • Oooh! A couple of comic mentions that I've actually read and loved (Elfquest, JTHM). As someone who used to attend Comic-Con down in San Diego, I must say, I don't like comics. Nope. Not at all. I don't own a huge box of protected comic books and graphic novels and I most certainly do NOT have manga sitting in a bookcase. Not at all.
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  • Well I didn't sleep again last night... but I did get through 20 issues in the end :D
    Caught up on Amazing Spider-Man (10 issues), Batman Beyond (3 issues), Justice League Beyond (6 issues), & Power Play (1 issue). I still have 140 odd issues to read to catch up on all my titles... and every Wednesday is new comic day! I will catch back up from my last illness, lol! I have a ton of X-Men & other X-Titles, Avengers & other Avengers titles, Daredevil, Deadpool, Invincible, Punisher, Young Justice, et al. to read. It's a fun dilemma to have :)
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