Do you use Twitter?

If you use Twitter, help me out with my thesis, pwease. :3

I just need a couple pieces of information. Go to to participate. If you go to there is more info, and some buttons you can click to tweet it or facebook it or whatever, which also helps me out a ton. Tell everybody that you know! :D (I really need the referrals)

I've been dropping notes around the game and get some people that way, but it's a rather biased sample, since most of my participants thus far are glitchians. I have to figure out an effective way to enter politician and celebrity data, or get them interested, but that's another thing entirely...

I'm looking for other forums or games that I can nicely spam to get participants. I used to do forums a lot, but I haven't in ages, so I don't even remember many. Anyone have some favorites? Feel free to copy paste me some publicity too. And click my share buttons. Everything helps.


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