Tell us something unusual about you

It may be a skill, a habit, a preference, anything you like.
I'll start off:

I can't stand cold showers, for some reason they make me panic.

Also, caffeine has no effect on me, it even makes me sleepy (it's a genetic trait shared with my father)

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  • @Kabatika:

    I HAVE THAT! I just reached over and felt up my husband's nose, because I didn't believe you that everyone else's nose didn't have a ...krinkle? Mine doesn't feel like a krinkle. It's like, my cartilage between my nostrils is a full-on upside down V, and I can squish it to make it go flat.

    I wonder what's up with our noses?
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  • @Biohazard:

    I'm so glad to hear that somebody else has this! I wish I could post a picture of it, but I'm sure nobody wants to see up my nose :)  Upside down V is a good description but I can't squish mine to make it go least not all the way flat! 

    I love that you said 'felt up' my husbands nose, that had me LOLing!
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  • Caffeine makes me sleepy as well :) And I'm a pattern freak, I see patterns in everything, an ability I use to do math, strategy and rhythmic games, and drawing, to name a few :) 
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  • I have %5 vision in my right eye, which makes me almost legally blind. Because of this I have no depth perception which makes me so very clumsy, I have fallen up stairs, and an escalator once too, fallen down stairs and missed every step, and also fell of a computer chair and broke my toe- just to name a few of my clumsiest moments.

    @Kabatika Mine is the opposite, it comes down a little. That I also have my septum pierced has made it a little more pronounced xP
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  • - (I said before, but I'm adding more things now): I have 2 extra ribs on my body (one on both sides).- I was born with only one kidney (reason enough for me to not drink alcoholic beverages).
    - I eat with a knife in my right hand and a fork in my left hand because holding them differently makes me impossible to cut things (I'm not left handed).
    - I wake up all of the sudden every 5/7 days a week to turn on the lights of my room for a few seconds...look around, and turn them off again to continue sleeping for a not yet found reason.
    - My parents tested me for AHDH when I was young because I was always full of energy (the result was negative, but I still have difficulties in studying and focusing).
    - I may have Dyscalculia (also called math disability or numlexia) because I find it hard to do most math problems (and I don't know the times table in most cases).
    - A few more things, but I'm keeping them private for personal reasons.
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  • My favourite meal is chicken chow mein cooked in a back street Chinese restaurant in the East End of London - no where else cooks it like that on Earth
    I rarely drink alcohol 
    I told Janet Clifton I loved her at school and she laughed at me - then the class laughed at me - then the teacher laughed at me.  I was 12
    i wrote a song called "Janet Clifton" first line went "Janet Clifton youre a bitch i hope you rot you hateful witch"
    i met Janet Clifton when we were in our 20s by chance - we got on famously and i even sung her my song.  i made her pay for the coffees as punishment
    i may not be good at many things but i am an epic cook
    i also genuinely got to elite status on the 1980s space trading game "Elite"
    i wish i got on better with my parents but we are light years apart in opinions and attitude
    i still miss my first pet dog
    i fell in love twice when my kids were born and i love them more each day
    my wife is the most professionally dedicated person ive ever met in my life
    i swore i wouldnt spend stupid amounts of time on games like Glitch......stamina of an insect.
    i love and am inspired by the friends ive made on here ever day - they all have interesting tales and sometimes painful stories and i love that we all support each other.
    and if i had my time again - i know what i would change without hesitation.

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  • I lived by the seaside with a pinewoods that looks a bit like groddle when I was a kid. It's only 30 miles from me now, so I can go back any time.
    I've traced my paternal family back to 1765, where the name originates, and some other ancestors back to 1500's. I'm surprised how Enlish I am. All of them hard workers, none of them rich!
    I love crafting, knitting, sewing, cooking. I'd like to give up the day job to do these things full time.
    Glitch is the game I always wanted as a kid, but I'm glad it's here now.
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  • Androgyny is fun, so I look a little bit like a more feminine version of Ash from Pokemon.
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  • I have the ability to manipulate those around me so much I know just exactly how to say a certain thing at a certain time that may appear insignificant, but from that point on blossoms into exactly what I wanted it to do :P

    Also, I am deathly afraid of insects. From butterflies to spiders
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  • whenever i see tiles on the floor, i still play the game where i skip every other one.  
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  • Quite an interesting common trait to Glitchens - I too cannot tell immediately my left from my rigth. When asked for street directions I have to think really hard and more than once I've unwillingly misdirected people (I feel very guilty and ashamed of myself, afterwards). Plus I cannot use my right hand to do some specific things, while for other tasks I use them interchangeably. On the other hand (there's always another hand) I touch type and am very fast at it.
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  • However cold it is, I tend to kick my blanket off whenever I sleep. That's why I like sleeping in hotel rooms. They tuck the sides of the blanket in so I can't kick it off. 
    I cannot type quickly normally. My left index finger has to be suspended up. I'm used to it. 
    I like walking right beside a wall for a reason that I simply cannot figure out. I used to try to walk along a certain coloured tile. I rarely see those kind now. I'm not going out enough. 
    I am friggin afraid of anything I can think of that's not a cute little puppy, a human, a cute little kitten or a rabbit. Anything that flies past me gives me a shock. 
    I prefer sleeping on the sofa than on my bed. 
    I prefer sleeping on the floor with a mattress than on my bed. This allows me to play Glitch till I'm seriously too tired. 
    I am either too young or too old for most games I play. 
    I'm too young for Glitch. And Facebook. Admitted that in
    I can't think of stuff when I need to but I always think of them when I'm supposed to be focusing on something else. 
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  • I flip things in my head so that left = right, even though I do not have dyslexia(my mother and brother both do).
    I thought I was right-handed until a few months ago when I discovered I was ambidextrous. (I actually depend more on my left hand now, though I can't write or draw with it very well, and will sometimes try to switch hands without thinking in the middle of a Wii game.)
    I almost always have lucid dreams, and can fantasize fairly realistically even when I'm awake.
    I think in anime format. It usually involves me ranting to one of any number of made-up characters.
    I have a small fang in the front-bottom of my mouth thanks to a canine growing in too far forward.
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  • I've seen an anaconda irl...and I don't mean a zoo!

    Joys of growing up in the caribbean
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  • I'm a projective synesthete. Mainly sound-to-sight, with lesser emphasis on grapheme synesthesia, taste-to-sight (and a couple other minor modalities).
    I also have a problem with personalization of inanimate objects- to me, most things have a suggested personality, with a possible suggested approximate age and sex (which can either be blurry or definite, depending on what the object is), also related to syn. I had hard time eating McDonald's food when I was a kid because of the damn Fry Guys and talking chicken nuggets in the commercials, and used to have to apologize before eating either because I felt bad about it.
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  • Mine is Glitch-related. I keep buying warm coats for my avatar now that the game is closed, because I'm afraid she'll be cold when the game and the forums and everything will be gone. She never used to wear jackets and coats in the game, but now I want her to be nice and comfy and warm for the big nothing that will follow. 
    (Nice that we can still buy clothes!)
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  • I like potatoes.
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  • Related to Darkheart's post, I too have a funky lower canine tooth.  It grew in sideways, can't tell too easily though unless I point it out.

    I have absolutely no skills when it comes to stair climbing...or walking in general.  I can fall going up and downstairs. I can trip over anything.  Case in point, I was in 7th or 8th gr and I had left my water bottle or something in the classroom. Had to run to go get it and get back to the car in a hurry...tripped over a weed and slammed my face into my car.

    I am super quiet around new people. But, once I get comfortable with someone...or have just had waaaay too much caffeine...I get ridiculously hyper. Like I don't shut up at all...and have even less walking/stair climbing skills.
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  • I have an extra bone or two in my ankles and I can bend my elbows backwards. ANd I used to have goldfish but they ate each other to death. 
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  • So, Roslind, can you lick your elbow? That is so cool.

    I feel extremely uncomfortable when wearing long sleeves or turtlenecks. It felt like a straitjacket and I used to be anxious all the time when wearing them. For some reason, this doesn't apply to sweaters.

    I also do the skipping tile thing, and avoiding cracks. I do it subconsciously though.
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  • I have a strange phobia about blackboards.
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  • I have a fear of holes.
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  • I hear colours.
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  • In my dreams, fractals are good, pendulums are bad.

    If there's a pendulum in my dream, it will start moving. When it starts moving, it causes something bad to approach. it can't be stopped. The back-and-forth movement gets stronger and stronger and then I wake up on the verge of panic attack.

    Fractals are always a sign of good things to come in my dreams. When I see a fractal while dreaming, more often than not the dream becomes a lucid dream.
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  • I don't remember the last time I dreamed in color.
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  • Also, I play chess.
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  • I eat A1 sauce.

    In a bowl.

    With a spoon. 

    Whole bottles at a time.
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  • Ok, I rarely relate private information in public forums but here goes:

    I sometimes feel in colors.
    I used to be a master lucid dreamer, too.... I don't know what happened. :(
    I see patterns in stucco walls, tiles, wood and paper. Sometimes they're so vivid that if I wanted to I could draw them out into recognizable things.
    I used to be able to memorize whole textbooks in school and during tests, I'd mentally turn to the pages with the answers.
    I practiced at self-hypnosis so much when I was younger that now I can put myself into an alpha state almost instantly.
    I can make myself fall asleep anywhere, anyplace at any time. (Though I don't do this in public for obvious reasons.)
    Caffeine is like a sedative to me. I'm normally very hyper when I'm not caffeinated.
    Edited to add: Oh and that right hand, left hand thing ... I know which is which but when someone asks me something that requires me to verbally mention "right" or "left", I have to visualize my right hand crossing over diagonally across my body before I can accurately tell them using those words.

    Thank you to the OP for starting this thread :D
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  • Kridla, the textbook think is so cool. It would be so helpful if I had that. XD

    I have an irrational fear of the sound styrofoam makes.

    Whenever I'm sick, I have the same dream. It involves geometric shapes that get bigger and bigger and fill up the room I'm imagining. For some reason it's extremely scary every time.
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  • i have a third nipple.
    i am afraid of submerged pipes. this includes pool plumbing.
    i have eaten roadkill.
    i am a two time non-consecutive mountain bike champ.
    when i am in peak condition i run so slowly that i cannot break a 15 minute mile.
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  • I can never finish the last bit of food on my plate (discluding bacon) and always wash my hands in the middle of a meal.

    I have the uncanny ability to trip over nothing when I am walking on a wood floor.

    I have had a dream every night for as long as I can remember, always the same topic.

    I see strangers in my dreams, and then I see them on the side of the street about a week later. My deja vu goes off all the time.

    Nearly all my fingers are crooked.

    i go into this sort of 'sleep mode' in the daytime. Its not daydreaming, because my mind isn't wandering, or lucid dreaming, because I'm not asleep. Its sort of hard to explain, but I drop myself into a random setting, make up the people, and just go along with it. I can actually hear what's going on if I try hard enough, but the 'dream' is so time consuming that sometimes when I open my eyes I realize that I've been 'dreaming' for over an hour.
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  • My name isn't really Carl.

    But now I'd have a really hard time not answering to it as fast as my real name.
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  • I fall asleep under waterfalls..
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  • I am underweight due to eating apples a day.

    I love playing with water. Even though I'm afraid of drowning.
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  • I never had a Glitch dream which is strange, I too have to sleep on a couch, with a blanket with soft nylon around the top, which feels cooler but really isn't, with both feet sticking out the end.  Don't have lucid dreams as often as I've gotten older, but the think you are awake, but something evil is in the room, and you know you are dreaming, and stuff starts moving around, and you can't wake up because of skeletal paralysis, after the screaming is done, you can't fall asleep again even though you knew it was a dream all along, it was just too unnerving.  sort of dream, hate those.
    I have guitars and a mandolin, stopped playing other peoples songs years ago, til recently, now every time I pick it up Glitch music comes out.
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  • Oh, I also desperately want a Hurdy Gurdy or a pipe crimper, both outrageously expensive.
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  • I've moved 20 times in 25 years, and have lived in eight different states. I have social anxiety disorder and am bipolar. That part was probably obvious to anyone who ever spoke to me here.
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  • I forgot one (actually there are more but...): sometimes the sound of metal clinking makes the metal in my teeth buzz (for lack of a better word) and I can feel the sound in my whole body. It's rather painful more than just irritating.  After dental work when they use amalgam, I can't wash dishes because of the sound of the flatware clinking. Coins clinking can set off my, phobia I guess--though that word doesn't actually reflect the suffering I undergo--when I'm in a particularly bad phase of it. And then, for absolutely no discernible reason, the hyper reactive sensation just goes away and the clinking doesn't even phase me.

    @SeerQueen: If you have a visual memory, you can work up to whole textbooks. It takes a lot of practice when the topic is boring, less if there are lots of pictures or graphs. Now-a-days, I just don't have the energy or the need to have that much info in my memory.

    Also, when my hearing was better (having a loud bird saved my sanity by ruining my hearing), the sound of rustling plastic used to drive me up the wall.
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  • I have lived on 2 continents, visited 4, speak 3 (and a half) languages and can't look ink pens in the point without my eyes watering.
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  • Here's a strange one for a Glitch, probably: I golf. I would do it every day if I could. I love it and wish I had discovered it when I was much younger. I think in my next life I'd like to be a professional :)

    And, I hear chimes and bells even when they aren't there. Only after I've heard them for real, though, which is why we have no chiming clocks or anything of the sort. I've never figured out if these are hallucinations or some weird synapse-looping thing in my brain.
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  • I can put my legs behind my leg...
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  • I am an introvert. I am also quiet and shy.
    From time to time, I have a strong craving to drink cold water or anything else that gives a similar cold juicy feeling in my mouth, such as clementines.
    Caffeine does not have an effect on me either.
    In order to feel energized in the morning, I need a minimum of two to three hours of sleep. Any more doesn't really give me any extra boost at all.
    That one day in the month when the moon is fullest, I involuntarily wake up to see it. For some reason I cannot control it, but I do enjoy the light that the moon reflects when it is full.
    I like my room to be messy and I like to work on the floor because it makes me feel warm and cozy, and it makes me feel alone (again, I am an introvert and I like being alone) and it gives me this sense of "this place is mine, this is my happy place"
    It pisses me off when people call me normal.
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  • i once got "kidnapped" by a horse and cart man in tunisia! we asked for a half hour horse and cart ride around the city (monastir, where "the life of brian" was filmed) but just as the half hour was up, we passed a sign that said "you are now leaving monastir". we kept going down this long long country track, nothing around at all, no houses, no people.. i was imagining all kinds of bad things were going to happen. but eventually we arrived at a carpet selling place, set up as a fake bedouin camp. they dressed us up in native costumes, gave us foul cups of coffee (i was still suspecting things like: the coffee is drugged! so i didn't drink it. it looked like mud) and then they proceeded to try and sell us really expensive tunisian carpets. also, i had bright magenta hair at the time, and the guys were touching it and asking if they could have some to weave into their magic carpets. it was weird and thoroughly uncomfortable. in order to escape, we said we had to meet friends, but that we would bring them back the next day and we'd all buy the glorious carpets. they fell for it. took us back to monastir. tried to charge us for a two hour horse and cart ride! disappointment all round.
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