My Beatles Scrapbook

This Scrapbook is more than 40 years old.  I was a Beatles fan as a teen and collected a lot of news clippings.  Eventually I pasted them into a scrapbook.  I recently purchased a small portable scanner and have scanned and edited a number of the scrapbook items.  Many of the clippings were just too large to scan.  I also have entire magazine articles that I did not want to damage by pressing the pages down with the scanner.  This Flickr set, however, includes many of the items.  Some have cut and paste jobs in order to present larger images.  If you are/were a fan you might enjoy this trip to the 60s.  If you somehow missed all the hysteria you might find these items interesting.  All items date from the mid to late 60s when I was a teen (ahem). 

I attended the Atlanta concert in 1965 with my best friend Loretta.  We dressed alike just for fun.  We wore navy skirts and vests, white shirts and polka dot ties.  We worked to earn the money to purchase tickets.  We knew nothing about stadium seating so we purchased the most expensive tickets ($5.50!) in order to get the "best" and closest view (we thought).  When we got there, we found that our seats were good if it had been a ball game.  It was so far from the stage that the performers looked like ants.  We never sat in the seats.  Until the Beatles appeared, we roamed around the stadium and met many people.  We tried to get underground to meet the Beatles but were unsuccessful.  We did, however ride the elevator down several times.  As near as we could tell, we were the only fans allowed in that elevator (the guard liked us) but we were not allowed to get off when we got to the bottom.  We had no cameras and no money for souvenirs so all that we do have are great memories of a fun time and a great show.  We watched the Beatles from a closer location than our seats but we stood through the show.

BTW, we went to many concerts in the 60s.  We saw most shows from the wings!  We discovered that if we knocked on the back door of the theaters we were let in.  That worked locally as well as in Atlanta (except for the Beatles concert).  Among the many groups we saw and met were Freddy and the Dreamers, The Who, The Shirelles (sp?), The Real McCoys (now Rick Derringer), The Yardbirds, Billy Joe Royal, Donovan, Herman's Hermits, the New Christie Minstrels and several others.  We never bought tickets (except for the Beatles), just knocked on the doors.

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    Thank you for sharing is something else to see so much day to day stuff when all I really new was the music.
    also, a great distraction from lame old algebra...
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  • Lol!  Glad you liked it!
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  • This is amazing i LOVE it. Beatles are my favorite :)
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  • Well.  I think John was always the hot one.  Until he wasn't but that is way before my time.  The music is endless though.
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