Downloads - Music, I, uh, can't seem to download them?

In the music subsection of the Downloads section, when you click on a song to play it there's a download link as well - only I'm taken to a black page with just the player in the middle. Do I need to download some software or am I missing something else entirely (I'd like to have the music actually sorted on my computer...)

Posted 7 years ago by daemoninwhite Subscriber! | Permalink


  • You can right click the title or the download link and there should be "save link as..." or something.
    Posted 7 years ago by Scarf Subscriber! | Permalink
  • It's not so easy. Daemon, I'm having similar problems. I switched browsers (Chrome right now).

    When it takes me to the black page with just a player, I right-click in the "loading" bar and choose "Save As." (If I get a "Save Video As" then I know I didn't click exactly in the right place.)

    It's working so far. I'm downloading them into my Windows Music folder --> iTunes. I made a folder in there called Glitch--makes it easier to pull them into a playlist. If you have iTunes.
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