Onverse Players

I downloaded this game and it seems like it'll be right down my ally. It seems to be a ton of kids there. I"m 30 and prefer not to chat with 13 year olds (god, I feel old!) Anyway, also I tried out a quest which uses a lot of platforming, I could handle glitch platforming, but I'm not sure about Onverse's, lol.

Anyway, so anyone moving to that game?

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  • maybe I'm just not ready for something new, but...I didn't like the look of the avatars...I didn't bother to look much further  :(
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  • I've been there a while, same name.  The Trials platforms are so hard for me :(
    It makes my wrists hurt.  But I love being able to buy and decorate homes.  And the virtual money Cash coins can be made easily by going to the special offers page and doing surveys or watching videos.  I actually created an alt email address and signed up for all the random medical newsletters just to get the free coins lol
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