An Immortal Roleplay

Anyone here like to roleplay?? If so, here's a big roleplay thing I'm starting. To add a new character or join, simply state your character's name, description, and their race (vampire, werewolf, fairy, etc.) in brackets like these [ ] then post a response... To talk, talk in parenthesis like these ( ). And your response doesnt go in anything and should go in the middle. I'll use my first ever response as an example:

[Name: Rosie Jean Briar
 Race: Vampire
 Description: Has brunette hair and blue eyes, and lived her whole life on her own after her parents died in a fire out in the woods. She has trust issues with anyone she meets and is closed off from her secrets. No one has ever tried to break her out of this trust issue, but it isn't impossible. She's very clever since she home schooled herself her whole life, yet wanted to see what more was out there so she now attends high school in a small town in Montana.]
It's Rosie's first day in Montana, and she's sitting alone at an empty table listening to music on her iPod touch. She looks over her schedule and memorizes it in a heartbeat, since she's a vampire. She's waiting for that bell to ring to get to class and can't wait till it does.
(Hello everyone!! :D)

So yeah, that's how you roleplay for those who don't know how and want to try. The topic can be whatever as long as you have a character. You can be a human too if ya want, just put that in race. So yea, have fun and be creative. If this rp becomes succesful, I'll make a seperate website and put these forums on there when Glitch shuts down :(.

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  • Will and Bryan sits in seats near Rosie and Dana and start catching up with things because it's been so long.
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  • Rosie keeps looking over at Will, and Dana notices.

    "So, when are you gonna tell him who your soulmate is?" Dana asks.
    "I don't know, I guess I'm just waiting for him to tell me." Rosie says.
    "Alright." Dana says.
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  • Will and Bryan keep talking until Will notices that Rosies looking at her and he just smiles at her and continues to talk to Bryan
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  • Rosie smiles back and then she looks at Dana, "So did you grow up around here?" 

    "Yeah, at the end of the woods.. You?" Dana responds

    "Yeah, over in that old cabin." Rosie responds.
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  • Will and Bryan finally stop talking and look at Rosie and Dana.

    Will smiles, "so back to the normal life, well, maybe not.." he says knowing hes a werewolf with Bryan
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  • The bell rings, but instead of going to class, Rosie walks off in the woods while Dana goes to class. Dana sits by the stream with her ipod not wanting to go to P.E. since she's already "fit".
    Dana sits in English class boredly at an empty table.
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  • Will goes to the river too and sees Rosie there, "hey didn't expect you to be here" he says smiling.

    Bryson has the same English class as Dana and sits in her table with her, "is this seat taken?"
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  • Rosie smiles, "Just came here to take my mind off things." she says looking at him.

    Dana smiles "Don't mind at all." 
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  • Will smiles widely and sits next to her and looks at his reflection, "thanks, for um, my brother"

    Bryson smiles widely and sits in a seat really close to Dana.
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  • "No problem, anything to keep you happy." Rosie says smiling.

    The teacher starts talking and Dana doodles in her notebook to make it look like she's taking notes.
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  • [Name: Raeanna Nesbit, Rae to her friends.
    Race: Dead.
    Description: Dark, wavy hair, usually pulled back, eyes are ice blue, above average height dresses nondescript in solid grays and browns, tries to keep attention off her. She died of smallpox back in Elizabethan England, and still has scars from it, though if anyone asked, she'd say it was acne. She's followed her descendants to Montana, tricked them into thinking she was an orphaned second cousin and is going to live a normal life until people notice she doesn't age. Talks with a British accent, and doesn't use contractions (isn't, can't, we're, they're, etc.) though she researches popular culture enough not to feel left out. (She's not sure why she didn't die normally, maybe something to be discovered later?) Very observant, noticed Rosie's odd behavior, and thinks she might be another Dead, planning to follow her to find out]

    (This bit took place earlier)

    Rae sits in the back, next to Lynn, and doesn't say anything. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Lynn is sitting as far away from her as possible. Rae isn't sure if she's just antisocial, or if she senses something wrong about her classmate. Rae takes a quick survey of the room, noting the sporty crown and the geeky crowd and the popular crowd, decides she doesn't want to make any attempt to join any of them. Her great-great-great(...)niece, Abby, is completely at home with the other members of the girls basketball team, and hasn't introduced her "cousin." She looks wistfully at the happy, laughing friends, and then she sees Rosie. Her internal radar buzzes. She sniffs the air, catches the smell of death/vampires, and wonders if Rosie might be another Dead person. She decides this is unlikely, but puts Rosie on her 'keep an eye on' list. She doesn't have P.E. with Rosie, but she hears Abby and her friends talk jealously about the super-fast new girl, and grins to herself. She's not exactly happy with her "cousin" right now, and she's glad Rosie beat her at her own game, sports.

    (more later. I'll introduce her to the other characters, so to speak, once I've caught up with the four pages that already exist.---tanith)
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  • Rae has the same English class as Dana. She is disgusted by the inaccuracy of the teacher's lecture on the time period in which Charles Dickens wrote his most famous pieces of literature. She sees that Dana, on the table to her left, is doodling and decides that making art is a more productive use of her time than listening to the teacher drone on and on, especially if he's got it all wrong.
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  • Rae sketches a timeline of her family, first her mother and father, then herself and her older brother (long dead), Gareth. Then, she draws a pile of bodies, all smallpox victims like herself. She had woken up in a pile like that. She had tried to return to her family, but her father had screamed of witchcraft and slammed the door in her face. She grabs another paper, and sketches a series of grave stones, her mother's, her father's and finally her own, a small slab of granite in the shadow of her mother's that reads simply: In Memory of Raeanna Nesbit, dear daughter, dear sister, perished of smallpox November 13, 1592. The graveyard was plowed down to make condos in the 1970's, but the image Rae has drawn is from around the time it was first made. By then, it was much too late to return to her family. She had kept a low profile, traveling the world, making friends and then losing them, until about a month ago, she discovered a genealogical search tool on the internet. She used it to track down her brother's family, then stowed away on a cruise to the states. She'd been kicked off the ship in California, but managed to find an old lady who gave her passage to Montana in exchange for some chores. She begins to draw that nice, if slightly strange woman, but she notices the class filing out. She puts her paper away and joins the throng of students in the halls.
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  • (Not sure how main a character she'll be, but here goes.)

    [Name: Abby Nesbit
    Race: Human (possibly mage, but she doesn't know it)
    Description: 5'11", extremely tall, short wavy blonde hair, same ice blue eyes as Rae. Athletic build. Dresses in T-shirt and sweats, doesn't wear make-up. She plays basketball and soccer and is usually voted as team captain. When her team loses a game, she gives a pep talk and trains determinedly, but when it's her alone she can be a bad sport. Gets jealous easily.]

    (That evening, at Abby's house)

    Sam: That new girl at school, Rosie, was it? She--

    Abby: Don't even mention her.

    Sam: Well, she wasn't at P.E. today.

    Abby: Yeah, I heard. It stings enough that she's faster than me, but now... It's like she doesn't even care. I wonder if she'll be at the tryouts next Monday. Coach definitely has his eye on her.

    Kelly: She may be faster, but ditching P.E. might mean that she's branded as irresponsible. She might not even make the team because of that, and you'll definitely still be captain.

    Abby: (snorts). A runner that good? One skipped P.E. class isn't going to kill her career.

    Rae: Maybe she ditched it because people were getting jealous. Maybe she was trying not to hurt people's feelings.

    Abby: Are you calling us jealous?

    Sam: More likely she thinks she doesn't need the class.

    Kelly: Are you trying out for the relay team, Raeanna?

    Rae: Definitely not. I might try out for softball, though.

    Sam: Oh, you definitely should.

    Kelly: We'll help get you ready. C'mon!

    They go out to the backyard. Abby follows reluctantly, not liking that her best friends are paying more attention to her cousin then her. She doesn't speak to Rae that night, and does her best to mentally lock her out, even though they share the same room and go to the same school and basically do everything together.
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