Spirit animal

What animal do you think is your spirit animal. Mine is a Piranha. Also why are you like that animal. I am sneaky and like swimming. :D

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  • Well my glitch spirit animal is probably a crab, cause they like music and can get cranky.

    In real life I'm not too sure I know my favorite animals are Elephants, don't know that it translates to spirit or not. hah
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  • My knee-jerk, humorous response:  a shi-tzu

    My glitch spirit animal: the pocket salmon

    I have found that the animals that I am most like, or that I want to be like, are none of them the one that seems to be trying to guide me through life (if there is such a thing as a spirit animal).

    I had a dream once that I was a small cat that was forced to disguise itself as a Japanese schoolgirl exchange student.

    Several birds have blessed me with their excrement.

    But I have a suspicion that if I took some hallucinogen and went out in the desert to meet my spirit animal, a bearded dragon would hand me a beer and invite me to sit down and heckle the passers by.  Based on this speculation alone, I firmly believe that the bearded dragon is my spirit animal.

    If anything, though, I am more like a big nervous golden retriever.

    So, the image you should see in your head is like that scene from Fight Club, but instead of Jack standing in an ice cave, it would be a large, light haired man with a worried look on his face obviously feeling like he's trespassing in a desert valley.  He looks down to see a small lizard with a triangular head.  And the lizard says, "Smile," and then opens its mouth in a cheerful, toothless grin.
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