Goodbye songs

Has the announcement of Glitch's closing got you to recall some (old) goodbye songs ?
I have 3 in mind at the moment.

1 - The first one that came to my mind after i read the sad news is "Happy Ending" by Mika:

"This is the way that we love, 
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together."

2 - Today, as i was reading a touching goodbye message from a fellow Glitchen, another song came to my mind: "Good bye my friend" by the Spice Girls:

"Goodbye my friend
It's not the end 
So glad we made it, 
Time will never change it, 
Just a little girl, 
Big imagination, 
never letting no one take it away. 
Went into the world,
What a revelation. 
She found there's a better way for you and me to be. 
Look for the rainbow in every storm,"

I know, it's the "spice girls", but still, some of the lyrics are kind of cute & moving. :)

3 - And last but not least, don't listen to that one if you don't wanna cry : "The GoodBye Song for Children"

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