The Seventh~ Characters for New Book

Lyrick-The daughter born from the sun. She Makes a deal with Seven that makes the sun disappear in the process.

Seven-a black hooded man that makes a mysterious deal with Lyrick, leaving the world in complete darkness.

Maestro-one of the Survivors after the sun disappears. While Lyrick is the daughter of the sun, Maestro is the son of the moon.

Treble Clef-a 10-year-old boy hired by Seven to watch Lyrick. He develops a crush on Lyrick as he watches her.

Konscious-self-claimed King of Feelings. Lyrick believes that it is only a coincidence when people have mixed feelings when Konscious is in the room.

Magick-an alternate, evil form of Lyrick, created by Seven to stop her from finding and holding the orb.

*Survivors- a group of people either born from the sun, the moon, or the stars and their goal is to find the orb and to bring back the sun.

*The Orb-a fairly large, blue orb that must be held by a
Survivor to bring back the sun.

This was inspired by Glitch and its closing. Whaddya think??

(EDIT: hopefully corrected all grammar...)

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