Guys help me get a job for christmas by liking this facebook page

if it hits 200 likes then I've been told I can have the job (social media executive for fourteen19)

If it hits 200 likes I'll also release loads of new things for Atween including, Party Items, I survived the apocolypse t-shirt item, ice cream. I'll go and order a high quality flash game and will get some more things coded for you.

please please help me get this job

(if you have not already joined atween, go to, enter all the details in registration and the magic word is hoggyfrog125)

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  • What will you do if it doesn't hit 200 likes?  delete all the new things? order a low quality flash game?
    Posted 8 years ago by shhexy corin Subscriber! | Permalink
  • For each "like" this page gets, the Home of Hopelessly Gullible Glitchen will donate 10 currants to itself.
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  • I hope you enjoy your new job working for a Nigerian statesman!
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