Ayn Rand Doll

What's the story behind it?  Is Stewart Butterfield and/or other Tiny Speck staff a fan of her work?

I haven't read any of it yet myself, but I know her novels are highly regarded in their ability to teach the principles of liberty & freedom.  I can't wait to dig into Atlas Shrugged, so I was pretty surprised to see the doll in Glitch. :D

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  • I think they just felt that they needed to include a female philosopher and she was the only one that anyone had heard of that filled the bill.  Her philosophy also includes "the virtue of selfishness" (actually the title of one of her books) and is appropriate for Mitt Romney & Co., if you like that sort of thing.
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  • (*for some definitions of "highly regarded")
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  • With what I know of her writing, I'd guess that "selfishness" is used to describe independence rather than the negative connotation of being uncaring to others.  And nooo way on Romney.  Today's Ayn Rand fans tend to come from the Ron Paul / Libertarian crowd.

    When was the doll added to the game?  Was it a beta testing reward, or did it come from a quest, or what?
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