Secret Language Birthday

What's your secret language birthday? Does it accurately describe your personality?

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  • Mine turned out to be "Responsible Initiative". Not sure it's really me, but like most of these things, it's generalized enough to be at least partly right :)
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  • Mine is "Ups and downs" Sounds about right. A little worried about the health bit though:

    health...    July 20 people have to try to protect themselves from wear and tear on their bodies. Too often they do not acknowledge physical limitations and so expose themselves to dangers that can result in serious accidents and/or chronic diseases. In this respect they should heed the advice of their family physician and close friends. Outside of professional athletes, physical exercise should be kept moderate. July 20 people must guard against drug dependencies as chemical experiences can provide high–low oscillations that captivate them. The diet of July 20 people should be varied as much as possible, thus crowding out obsessional cravings.
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  • 'Responsible Policy Makers'     not what I expected but interesting.
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    I'm not really like that!
    I am Courageous..
    Fine, I admit it. I am Self-Important... Just a little bit :).

    The day of fateful prediction
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  • Extended Magnetic Desire...says I'm "attractive".  funny, that's what I say,

    oooh, wait, I like Keeda's...I want the courageous part!
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  • Mine is:


    I admit to the stubborn part . . . 
    but "overconfident" and "reckless" seem far off.
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  • Oops!

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