Where did your username come from and what does it mean?

I'm always interested to know these things and I know I can't be the only one! :D

Mine is the name of my favorite color. A vivid, bright, bold blue. I also want to name my actual child this, some day. I'm going to be one of those weird parents that names their kids all sorts of weird things (not as farfetched as "Pilot Inspektor") like Silhouette or Viridian, haha.

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  • I was reading a bunch of Shakespeare the week I signed up and I wanted to do a pun. I ended up with a not very graceful one on Banquo from the Scottish Play.
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  • My original name here was Piecemaker13. Piecemaker comes from the fact that I make pieced quilts. 13 is a lucky number for me and is from quilting as well. (Friday 13th is always a lucky day for me.) My new name is what I seek most Serenity.
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  • Mine comes from hearing someone say something to their friend after a show I played with my band. "Hey, did you see the drummer?" "Who, that kid Tyler?"
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  • Milx 4 U. :)
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  • I like the name Ingrid. It is not actually my name.

    Also, I couldn't remember what my name was on gne.
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  • Donna Summers song was playing :)
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  • My name is my name - more or less ;)
    In truth I pinched it from my daughter, swapped her name for mine and now use it everywhere. She hasn't complained yet.
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  • mine I've used for quite sometime - it was my CB handle as an O/O cross-country 30 some years ago. :)  The misspelling was due to the artist, way down in south Texas, if you get my drift,  painting my cb handle and cartoon on trailer door not knowing what a "munchkin" was/is. 
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  • We had a Spong kitchen mincer when I was young, and I love the name.
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  • Mine... well it came from my parents I guess.  :P
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  • My name is my name. Or rather, what my friends call me -  no clue why, they don't know that many other Annas, I don't think. I was called something else to start off with (Juniper Grumpypants, which is something I've been wanting to call a character for ages) but then I realised I needed to be a bit more recognisable. So Annapeee it is.\

    Milx - your name makes me very happy, for so many reasons. yay!
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  • I was trying to make a user name for f/s and was failing miserable, so I figured I would just end the whole process and signed off with xoxJulie and presto that was my user name.  More like it chose me not me choosing a name.  LOL
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  • My grandmother (rest her soul) caught me when I was 9, drinking from the pickle jar with a straw. I never grew out of the habit, or the nickname.
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  • here's mine!

    and I *can* remember my name from gne, it was Ms. Frost, but that was taken from an awesomely cheesy Jeff Goldblum movie, and my Goldblum phase peaked some time ago now.
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  • "Crazy random happenstance" is a line from Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog (if you've never watched it, you really should!!
    But my daughter made a character in another game named "Crazyrandom Happenstance" so I had to come up with something else. 
    So, Zany Serendipity it is. 
    By the way, I named my laptop Zany Serendipity first, because we happened to go into a store where they had a table full of stuff on sale, and it was the last of that model they had, and it was pretty much exactly what I wanted in a laptop! 
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  • Mine is short for Snippy Gymnast. In days of yore (and dial-up) I joined the MSN Game Zone and they provided me with a random player name. I used that in MSN and Pogo, then shortened it for FS and various other games. snygyst is still going, not sure if the Game Zone is.
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  • mine was originally Lalu,which is how my youngest used to say "I love you".  Then striatic dared me to change it to Nanook of the South, and my compromise was Nanookie Nackhouse, now shortened to Nanookie.  Really though, it's got no dignity whatsoever...but I am sticking with it, too hard to change it again.
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  • @Serenity, I didn't know you had changed your name, PM. Gets confusing, We should all change our names to Bruce, for example, to avoid confusion.
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  • Sayuri is Japanese and means 'Little Lily' ~  Am married to someone who is 1/2 Japanese and dream of someday naming my children Japanese names.  In addition, Sayuri is also the main character's name in one of my favorite movies "Memoirs of a Geisha" I adore the Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang she is who played Sayuri.

    @Cerulean LOVE that name and color!!
    @sgjo what a cute story :)
    @MicklePickle good to know am not the only person who loves pickle juice *giggles*
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  • Minor detour regarding pickle juice. Our high school band boosters freeze pickle juice with a single pickle slice in a single serve cup with lid and sell it for football games. We call it a Pickle Shot. The kids love it. So try freezing your juice sometime. :)

    I now return you to the thread topic.
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  • * waves at snygyst *
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  • :)
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  • *bows courteously at serenity*
    An awakening for you.. The film Serenity was based on the TV series FIREFLY
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  • I live in Napa, California,  USA    so am NapaBeth now and forever
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  • As a child I was always called Muff Muff by my parents best friends...hence my username Miss Muffet. Maybe it was short for Muffin...don't really know...
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  • @snygyst.... well!!  At least now I know how to pronounce your name!!! <g>

    Mine.... boring.... Game generated name a couple of MMOs ago.
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  • I chose the name Nadia because it means "hope" and after my favorite online game (Faunasphere) closed I couldn't find another game I liked and was "hoping" this would be it. :) A little cheesy, I guess but it's the truth. I don't really know why I decided to use that name as on every other game I play I go by ArielSapphire. I have been considering re-naming my character, but that would probably cause a lot of confusion.
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  • I was trying to come up with a name for my character when I played Oblivion and couldn't think of one. So as a joke I typed 'Name' and my fiance thought I was ridiculous. While looking at my selection I envisioned the letter 'y' and thus Nayme was born! I thought it clever to think of introducing myself as Nayme and people getting the look that says: No no I asked you WHAT your name is.

    Tee Hee ^^
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  • @MicklePickle... love that story.  Great name! :)
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  • It started out as my nickname while I was doing my undergraduate work.  I was a French major.  A master's degree later (in French Lit.) and currently residing in France... it seemed fitting.  ^^
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  • Once upon a time, about 11 years+ ago, I came home from work completely frustrated and sat down at the kitchen table and vented to hubby.  I was an inventory manager, and production analyst, and yet I was also having to take on making sure that computers were always running, and taking the place of IT when they weren't moving fast enough (because every minute the production lines were down is lost revenue). And I'd had a really trying day because I'd saved more than a few computers from downtime, and had a couple of the IT guys be really impressed (because they didn't know how to do what I did), and a couple of the others sneering (because I was a business major *and* a girl, and what should I know about computers after all). 

    Bemoaning this, I asked the heavens (actually, the kitchen ceiling as that's where I was looking at the moment) for advice.

    Hubby stood there, looked at me and said "You're the WhizGidget". I stopped. I looked at him. I laughed myself to tears and side pains.  And it *stuck*.  And I've been WhizGidget ever since.  
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  • @Cerulean, I totally knew yours because that was my favorite color as a kid!

    I actually recently dropped a gamer handle I had used since the 6th grade (a long time ago), when my best friend and I were known as Axiom (me) and Xeme (him).  I had picked Axiom because it seemed like an obscure word at the time, and we thought the X theme was cool.  As an adult I find it just brings snide remarks from mathematicians and/or philosophers, and is actually a pretty common gamer handle.

    As such, I'd been wanting a new handle for a while but couldn't, and still can't, decide on a good one.

    My Glitch name is my favorite character from  His utter absurdity while still being adorable really appeals to me.  I figured, in a world of pure imagination Homsar would fit right in.  Plus, the G in Glitch finally makes some sense of his phrase "I'm not gonna lie to you, that's a healthy piece of real estate." (spoken while looking at a letter G)
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  • WhizGidget!!!  Love the story.  Wish mine had a great back story... thanks for sharing yours.
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  • I'm studying Japanese in college, and "yaoya" is my favorite word that I've learned so far. It means fruit and vegetable store!
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  • They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky,They're all together ooky,
    The ...
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  • Yup Gomez, guessed you and Morticia  lol
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  • How did I come up with the name "Funkystench"...well... while I was joining for the first time in Faunasphere it asked for a username and while I was trying to make one up a freakish smell came out of somebodies butt, and the comment made was "Man thats a funky smell" so I turned that into "funkystench" thought it was funny but had no idea it would be my name above my head in the game, I thought it was my log in gave people a laugh so I kept it in here too. And that is the honest truth!!!!!
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  • In my very first MMO (The Sims Online) I was able to pick my own name and I chose Moxie Bramble, which suited me very well. 

    There was some kerfuffle here initially (and I'm not sure that it's been fixed) about duplicate names, and somewhat foolishly I changed mine from Moxie to Wren Bramble thinking that would be more original. I didn't take into account the many other wonderful Wrens and variations. 
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  • snygyst, you seem less of a mystery to me now for some odd reason :P

    I made mine up for the first online game I played 11 years ago. I'm not really that bored - too many games out there. but I lead a fairly boring life, and I thought bored_one sounded better than boring_one or addicted_one. And please do NOT call me BO. people started calling me that for the first time last year and it really got under my skin.

    lol funky
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  • @bored     any relation to eno-derob of FS fame? ^-^
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  • tsygyns- I have no idea what you're talking about
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  • It was spur of the moment signing up. I thought of Glitch as a great big party-- a Céilidh. There was no way I was going to make myself or anyone else type that, and I wanted to avoid the whole, "howd'ya pronounce that?' conversation, so ----Caley.  Then it was done. Dunn.
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  • cool because i'm an old hippie and use that word alot. betty because i'm a girl (slang.) cakes because it makes it fun. and funny. and i like cake. hehe.
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  • LOL Caley!!  TY.  I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with Ceilidh!!! <g>
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  • Mine is from an old Star Wars Name game...

    First name: First 3 letters of last name+first 3 letters of mums maiden name
    Last Name: First 3 letters of first name+first 3 letters of place of birth

    (aren't you glad you asked?)
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  • So I suppose mine would be Llobel Phouis. Lovely.

    I bake, hence: Cupcake :)
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  • Heh, Cupcake.  I would be Nordav Elilex!
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  • Pretzel Logic is the title track of an album by Steely Dan - it came out a long long time ago-  and I thought it made perfect sense to explain how I think sometimes. So I combined that with my favorite color - Voila PurpleLogic was born.
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  • Gruff McGruff is my dogs name! McGruff my dog got her name from Scruff and McGruff the crime dogs.
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  • In real life I wear my hair in one long braided ponytail which I twirl around in a huge lump on top of my head. So when I was filling out the user name on the account page I thought of becoming Phoney Tails but I was in such a hurry to play I left out the "h".
    That and back when I first met my husband his ponytail was longer than my haughty page boy cut.
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