Not ashamed of it: I (heart) TV

I have always been a pop culture junky, but it has only been recently that currcumstances stances have led me to start really thinking about television as a medium of art. Along those lines, I've been working on assorted spec scripts. Not because it is fun (it really isn't) but because if you are going to be a writerin the field, you need to have tons ready when needed.

Anywhozits, that means this summer I have been just devouring tv series (partly for study and partly for enjoyment). And I am becoming more and more convinced that we are living in a bit of a golden age.
Shows I have watched in the last two months (complete series or up through the last season):
Deadwood (so good, but heartbreaking when it was cancelled)
Breaking Bad (currently my favorite show on tv)
Entourage (cute and light but super repetitive... 4 out of 5 episodes ends with them toasting)
Supernatural (super-goofy in a great way. a show that knows what it is.)
The Trip (lovely in its simplicity)
Jekyll (i'm a Moffat fan of Sherlock and Doctor Who. this starts great and then just collapse into, well, crap)
Falling Skies (sighs. i love a good alien adventure story. the specifics are good in this show. i just don't care about any of the characters.)
I swear there was one or two others... but maybe not. 
* (I'm leaving sitcoms out of this as that is a whole other thing for me. I've been struggling with my Community script all summer.)

Now I am working my way through Game of Thrones. After that will be finally doing Mad Men now that al four seasons are on Netflix streaming.

But recommend shows to me and what you love about them.
(Yes. I've seen The Wire. Also know that my baseline is Buffy/Angel. For all of it's faults, some of the most rewarding TV I have every experienced and I content the finale of Angel is one of the most amazing ends anywhere. Oh, and Firefly... which would be the show that was specifically created for me. And I am caught up on Fringe.)

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  • Falling Skies - I have to wait until next summer?!!! Hurry! Hurry!
    Supernatural - Producer died. Planned series end though. Good job.
    I've seen maybe one episode of "Breaking Bad" . Loved it.
    Don't know the others.
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  • If you're into cancelled shows, I like Arrested Development and Detroit 187.

    If you'd like a bit of mind-fluff and would be interested to see what a soap opera for doods might look like if it was directed by Michael Bay, and you like Bruce Campbell, I like Burn Notice.
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  • I do enjoy cancelled shows (seeing all of show in short period is educational).

    I've beed through Arrested Development many times. (Get me drunk and I will analyze Mitchell Hurwitz's post-AD failures in great (drunken) detail.)

    I saw the first Detroit 187 episode at the NYTVF last year (long story behind that), I was interested... but for some reason it kept reminding me of the U.S. version of Life of Mars... which turned me off. But I will give it another shot.

    Huge Bruce Campbell fan and I have enjoyed the bit of Burn Notice I've seen. I'll put it on my list.
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  • I wish I had seen all of Burn Notice before it got cancelled. Damn good series and concept.
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  • Leverage is brilliant (though I'm not a fan of season 4 - the currently airing season).
    White Collar is great, and only getting better as it goes along. (currently airing 3rd season)
    Rizzoli & Isles is a cute cop drama. (currently airing 2nd season)
    Supernatural is love!
    Rewatching Arrested Development right now, and am falling in love all over.
    The new Hawaii 5-0 isn't too bad (heavy on action, light on plot). (second season starts in Sept).
    If you haven't seen it, Dead Like Me has been off the air for years but it is amazing!
    Ditto to Pushing Daisies.
    The Big Bang Theory is funny, cute, and Wil Wheaton guest stars from time to time. (season 5 starts in Sept.)
    NCIS - the first six season or so are awesome.
    The new BBC Sherlock is FANTASTIC! They're putting out another set this fall.
    Psych is relatively great, for a while. It can get repetitive.

    Criminal Minds is one of my absolute favorite shows right now. FBI profiling magic for the win! (And yes, I write tons of fanfiction for this show, why do you ask? ;) )

    If you're into Sci-Fi:
    Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are pretty fantastic.
    Most of the Star Trek series are streaming on Netflix right now (Deep Space Nine is coming in late fall).
    "New" Doctor Who is pretty awesome, though I haven't seen anything with the 11th Doctor in it yet (I miss Donna!)
    And the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica is amazing (and incredibly depressing), but beautifully done.
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  • Sci-Fi all the way, baby!
    Trivia question: Who here knows the original pronunciation of "Sci-Fi"? Old fart fans like me should know this one. :)
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  • "Who here knows the original pronunciation of "Sci-Fi"?"

    I'm curious to what you mean. I have always assumed, that when the term was introduced in the 50s it was pronounced like "hi-fi." Unless you mean, "skiffy." Because that wasn't introduced until the 70s. Educate me!
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  • I cant watch Breaking Bad, ever. It would end up supporting a guy a personally cant stand.

    However, I watch all things Sci-fi, but not all things Syfy.  I can not stand the stupid wrestling.......and not sure why its there.

    The rest of my tv shows that I love are too long. The ones I miss the most that I wish would have lasted are Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.
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  • had not heard of  Falling Skies  until now... will have to check it out.  I also love breaking bad.
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  • Back in about the 70's when I was in High School we were assigned to watch a number of television shows and write 'reviews' of them for an English class.  Instead I wrote a longish essay about 'Why I Do Not Watch Television.'  It seemed horrible to me at the time that my English teacher was trying to force me to watch TV.

    I do like some TV.  For a number of years in the late 80's I watched taped episodes of 'The Prisoner' over and over, in fact I bought my first VHS Recorder for that purpose.  Sadly there hasn't been much good television, ever.  There is stuff that is okay, some Science Fiction stuff for example.  Mostly it's pretty bad, tho.

    The original pronunciation for Sci-Fi was Scientifiction .  I'm not that old, of course.

    I do not advocate, nor am I, one of those people who gets all smug about not watching television.  I just don't have enough time in life for everything, and TV is one of the things I opt out of.
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  • Scientifiction! Man, I'm gonna start using that. (Actually, I'm one of those pompous jerks that likes the term speculative fiction.)
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  • @LBO: I'll admit that part of my love for 187 is being from Detroit. Also on the canceled/ended shows list: Six Feet Under.

    @Fokian: Burn Notice isn't canceled, it's on USA on Thursdays. I just need to catch up! 

    @welfy: Amy isn't Donna, but she's still her own kind of awesome. Do watch!

    @Parrow: I hear ya on the Not Enough Time for Everything bit. S'why my list o' TV is so short, and mostly canceled stuff.
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  • I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (I mean, Jelly Bellies! Look at my Glitch!)

    I'm still have a hard time talking about BSG. It and Lost ended up being heartbreakers for me (but not for the reasons it seems they were for others).

    I do have to do Six Feet Under. Thanks for the reminder!

    Oh! I just remembered! I am sort of in love with The Good Wife. It is much better than it has any right to be. Very good writing and amazing cast.
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  • - Anything scifi with a little comedy relief thrown in.  
    - No horror.  I want to be entertained when I watch tv or movies.  I don't want to leave feeling like I'm gonna puke or not be able to sleep for the next week. 
    - And please, no more vampires.  Let the stupid idea go.  
    - Enough with the sexual suggestive content in our tv shows.  The fact that some people will have sex with pretty much anyone just isn't funny.  
    _Comedy!  Some of the old stuff was pure genius - Get Smart, Gilligan's Island, I Love Lucy, and The Beverly Hillbillies.  Faulty Towers ( Farty Towels if you've seen the beginning of one of their shows ) was priceless.  I like The Simpsons because they mess up, fess up, and make up.  We were also fans of the now gone Canadian Air Farce and Corner Gas.  Love Rick Mercer too.
    Fringe - parallel universe, great storyline, Walter provides a little comedy relief while Olivia and Peter try to figure out their relationship.  
    X Files - reminds me a bit of Fringe with the paranormal theme, the interaction between Scully and Mulder, and the scientific aspect.  
    Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Universe - space travel, wormholes, time travel, parallel universes, ancient Egyptian theme, a little comedy, and once again a relationship between O'Neal and Carter that is complicated.  Universe was a little darker and lacked the comedy relief of the other 2 shows.  Perhaps that is why it only survived 2 seasons?
    Firefly - the combo of old west meets space travel.  Mankind remains flawed and futuristic space isn't all shiny and idealistic.  
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  • Yay! I was under the impression from this thread that "Burn Notice" was cancelled. I got so behind and was a long time without TV or cable :(

    "Skiffy" was the right answer. Before that it was pronounced either as "Science Fiction" or as " Scientifiction." And LBO was right about the first pronunciation appearing in the early 70s

    And I'll be damned why the added the wrestling either. I hate it. 
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  • Oh, god! No more vampires! Agreed!
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  • And I forgot...
    Defying Gravity - which only lasted one season and I was really sad to see it go.  They left the story totally unfinished.  
    Ok, I'm done. 
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  • Ah. So, no. "Skiffy" was not the original pronunciation of "sci-fi." And "scientifiction" isn't really either since "sci-fi" came 30 years later. Darn you, FF, for leading me down blind alleys! 
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  • Oh, loved Defying Gravity!!! Never did understand why that cancelled!
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  • @Lord Bacon-o : LOL. "skiffy" was the when the term was pronounced for itself, rather than just standing in for other terms. That was the early 70s.
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  • Totally agree about the golden age, LB-O. I don't think I've ever enjoyed TV so much.
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  • Oh, Fokian. I can't tell if you are still arguing the point or admitting you were wrong.

    "Skiffy is a deliberate humorous misspelling or mispronunciation of the controversial term "sci-fi", a neologism referring to science fiction. Like the term "sci-fi" itself, "skiffy" may be used in a pejorative sense, but is more usually used to indicate that the writer or speaker is aware of the controversy about terminology, but chooses not to take it seriously."

    Anywhozits, enough of that silliness. 
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  • Freaks and Geeks, especially because my heart belongs to Bill Haverchuck.
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  • Nanooks, I thought of you when we watched Party Down. You gotta watch that.
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  • Another great (but cancelled) show - Wonderfalls.  A surprisingly great (but ending) show is Eureka.  Lots darker and smarter than I expected it to be from the ads.

    I am also a fan of Leverage.  Agree that it's not as good this season, but still streets ahead of a lot of other stuff on the air.  

    Also, despite generally despising sitcoms, I have a massive soft spot for Big Bang Theory (I know - you said no sitcoms, but hey).
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  • It's been a while since I watched anything worth recommending; I've been working through the second doctor serials, which is a lot less fun than it sounds what with most of them having been erased, and before that I bought the Blu-Ray of Sherlock (in all it's stunning visual brilliance), which you've already seen.

    If you can get hold of them, I'd recommend watching any of the sort of compilation documentaries Charlie Brooker made for the BBC; Screenwipe is a little old now, but it still has plenty of relevance, although some of it's content has been rehashed in the utterly excellent (and depressingly on-the-knuckle) How TV Ruined Your Life.
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  • I highly recommend FX Network's "Justified" and AMC's "The Walking Dead." My husband is not a fan of horror/zombies, and even he enjoyed TWD because the acting is awesome. We also watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Raising Hope" and "Castle." That's about it.
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  • Taking notes.
    Big fan of The Walking Dead (the show and even more so the comic). 
    I have Justified on my list. (To name drop, I'm good friends with one of the duo that wrote the theme. They got an Emmy nomination! That was very exciting!)
    Like most nerds, Nathan Fillion warms my heart so I do love me some Castle, but watch it very casually.
    All the sitcoms listed I have watched (part of to duties of being a struggling comedy writer).
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  • Do you follow @james_blue_cat on Twitter?  He's one of the writers of Green Wing, among other things.  He also has a great blog ( - you might also be amused by the archives of John Rogers' (exec. producer of Leverage and former standup) blog, Kung Fu Monkey - this post is especially funny, IMO.
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  • Please!
    If you don't already, start watching Bob's Burgers.
    It is my current favorite show, as I love all things Loren Bouchard (Home Movies, Lucy: The  Daughter of the Devil, Dr. Katz).
    And I really don't want it to get cancelled.
    You would be doing me a great favor AND you will gain a new favorite show yourself. I just know it.
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  • +1 for Justified and The Good Wife

    I also like (in no particular order)  Memphis, Covert Affairs, Suits,and The Closer (last season :( ) and for some bizarre reason, Hoarders.

    I do however HAVE to watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Keith Olbermann every night!
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  • I love tv... maybe not as much as computer games.. but it comes in a close second...
    I was a (should I admit this?) Buffy/Angel Fan... and do own both complete series..
    I like crime shows, Law n Order (mostly Criminal Intent & SVU), NCIS, Criminal Minds...
    I liked Lie To Me and The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory and a Aus show called Offspring.
    We have Foxtel (Aus version of Cable tv) and hubby insists on watching Documentry, Nat Geo, etc Channels, (which also include shows like Grand Designs, Deadliest Catch, Top Gear, Ice Pilots and Banged Up Abroad)

    Edited To Add: I did watch Lost, and first two seasons of House, Medium & Grey's but as per usual with Aus tv, when day/time slots get changed on shows it generally means I stop watching bc it'll clash with other stuff
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  • I love tv too! I watch/listen to cspan and cspan2. Fav programs: "The Good Wife", "House", "Grey's Anatomy", "Comedy Central". I was a big fan of "Heros" but lost interest by the 3rd season. 

    But, what I loved, loved, loved more recently was the British series "Doc Martin". After watching Season 2, I ordered seasons 1, 3, & 4 from Netflix. Each episode causes me to laugh till my sides hurt. Season 5 is currently being filmed. I can hardly wait.

    I have found this summer season relatively boring. I've tried "Alphas". It's okay.

     I miss Obermann too, btw, Mary. My cable package doesn't  offer Current TV or OWN. I'm bummed.
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  • I have the TV on all the time.  I need the noise.  I seldom actually "watch" it but I do listen to it.  I am usually on the computer while listening. 

    I am embarassed to admit that I did watch a lot of the 24 hour Casey Anthony Reality Show which ran on several channels throughout the day.  I  listen to a lot of "in Session" because i like to hear voices without mood music.  it's easy to sleep to.

    I have no TV schedule so I never know what is on and often miss things I'd like to watch so I flip channels.  When I can remember I "watch" these shows:
    "The Closer"
    "Rizolli and Aisles"
    That Long Island Concierge doctor show, forget the name.
    "Ghost Hunters" and it's spin offs.
    "Top Chef" and it's spin offs - don't watch as much as I used to though.
    "Next Design Star"

    I could "watch" the many versions of "Law and Order" all day but I only watch the reruns.  I have not watched network TV since my Guide sub ran out.  I like cable because most things run at least twice a day and I get a second chance to watch besides, I have no idea what is on the networks any more.  I like movies but seldom find one I want to watch these days.  When I shut down the computer, I channel surf.  I sleep during Prime Time (another reason I don't watch the networks).
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  • I know it was mentioned but-Six Feet Under was such a fabulous show

    Another of my all time favorites (but it may be dated now) was Northern Exposure
    What can I say, I like quirky. :)
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  • I forgot to mention "Top Shot".  The new season premiered last night.  I would never have thought I would like shooting but this is a really good show.  It is not all guns but does include a wide variety of shooting devices.  Last night there was a competition that involved shooting at 10 targets from the top of a moving stagecoach using a Winchester 73 repeater.  Some challenge!  It was exciting to watch and must have been a tough thing to do.  I know nothing about guns or other weapons, detest violence, yet still I really love this series!
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  • +1 Justified, Burn Notice, Leverage, Warehouse 13, and Memphis Beat.
    I love most Masterpiece Mystery, Zen, Wallender, Sherlock, etc.
    I also like Turner Classics for film noir, and BBC for Top Gear.
    I was disappointed in the season finale of Falling Skies, but liked it up to that point. 
    Yep, I <3 TV too!
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  • I'm watching...
    Big Bang Theory

    Psych I love the writing. The only people I know who do not love this show are older or younger than the pop culture references
    Burn Notice They did a movie on the back story of a supporting character. Brilliant.
    White Collar Neal is a hottie
    Covert Affairs
    - jury still out but it's growing on me (it would appear I have a problem with shows on USA lol)
    - not bad so far

    I wish I watching...
    Arrested Development a best of all time?
    LOST also a best of all time
    Damages I liked it
    Lie to Me
    what happened?
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  • @goodstory--you seem like a USA fan like me :D hehe.

    I haven't watched all of them on the network, but I've watched parts of some of those shows, and always watch Psych and White Collar (though I haven't watched much of this season... I should check if the eps are online). Would definitely recommend those two.

    Also Law and Order SVU xD Though... the actor who plays one of the leads is leaving I think after this season, so I think it might be close to cancelling. And the other lead actor isn't going to be in it much. And they pretty much make the show, at least for me :(

    Other than that... I LOVE reality game shows. I know, all that drama has such a bad rap, hah. But you have to watch the GOOD ones, like Hell's Kitchen or Project Runway. Not Jersey Shore or stuff like that :[ It's something you can either turn off your brain for and watch for fun, or you can get into it and do judging yourself, which is also fun. Reality stuff is a big part of TV so I wouldn't cast it away completely :)
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  • @Goodstory- I TOTALLY agree with LOST and wondering what happened with Lie to Me.

    My faves:
    Dexter (SO so good.) 
    Lie To Me (Canceled) 
    Dollhouse (Canceled, but great hot chicks.)
    Weeds (Seriously...even if you don't care for smoking ganja, it's a dark/funny show - I tore through like 6 seasons in a month....only 30 minutes an episode!) Also, after learning the joys of nono powder, I chose this last name for my character ;)  (Main chick's name is Nancy Botwin)
    White Collar
    Grey's Anatomy
    (My big burly irish boyfriend watches this with me, so it can't be that bad ;) )
    True Blood (Nothing like Twilight, I promise. I often joke that it's a softcore porn dark comedy.)

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some.....blah

    ETA: Futurama. Guilty pleasure. :) 
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