Wii games!

Next week I will buy a Wii, to reward myself for finishing my thesis before the end of summer. What are your favorite Wii games?

I'm SO going to buy the oldskool Nintendo games for Wii... my boyfriend is a real Final Fantasy nerd (the walkthrough writing kind) and games like Bomberman remind me of the good old DOS days :)

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  • World of Goo is tremendous fun.  And has a Glitchy sort of sense of humor.
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  • Mario Kart is lots of fun.... And so is the Wii Sports & Fit... they get played the most in our house....
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  • I love mario galaxy and i could recommend tons of different games i've played.... but what type of games do you like?
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  • I second Mario Kart. If you have wifi, you can race with other people online on the wii (and IRL) and it's a lot of fun :)

    Also, Super Smash Bros Brawl. It's fun to fight other people online too, and to fight your friends! And it's just a fun fightin' game--but it's only serious if you make it like that. If you want to just play around and have fun you can do that too--but often the online people might not want to do that, so that would be more of a "with friends" thing.

    Also also, definitely suggest the Paper Mario series. The first one can be bought via the Wii Store to download to the wii, second is a Gamecube game that can be used on the wii, and the third is a wii game (though the first two are the best). These games are 1 player, but they're addicting. I beat the first paper mario in 20 hours/2 days because I couldn't get away from it XD

    Also also also, I would say Mario Party (8) is a great game too. It's great for get-togethers, but it's fun to play by yourself, too! 

    Can you tell I like Mario games? Lol. There are a lot of fun ones though :) Good luck choosing!
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  • I'm a sucker for anything Mario. I've enjoyed all of the new Mario games for the Wii. 

    Boom Blox is good fun, too. It's great for one or two players. 
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  • Zelda: Twilight Princess.
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  • I like strategy and puzzle games. And platformers.
    Shooters and everything else that requires fast coordination (in 3D)... not so much. Because I suck at that.

    Portal tears me apart. I love it because of the puzzles and the story, but I hate it because I can't navigate well in 3D.
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  • Congratulations on finishing your thesis...the Wii is a great reward!

    Mario Kart (my favorite) - everything but that damned Rainbow Road - urrrrg - hate that one!!!   lol
    Mario Party - we have several of them, and enjoy them all
    if you like hidden object type games, there are several, I recommend the Mortimer Beckett - it is a hoot on the Wii.

    Also, think seriously about going to somewhere that rents the games to try them out before buying - most of the Wii games are expensive, and trust me, it sucks to spend fifty bucks for a game and then discover that you don't really like it or that it is so easy, you complete it within a few hours of starting.
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